Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am proud to be Malaysian because........ (long pause)

The Japanese said 'I am proud of my country. Honda, Toyota, name it. All of them made in Japan.'

The English said 'I am proud to be English. Every body learns our language.'

The Chinese said 'You know can get almost all branded stuffs in China. Gucci made in China?Oh that's normal'

Suddenly the Malaysian came, 'Kami pengeluar kondom utama di dunia. Thailand mengalami banjir besar, jadi tidak mustahil Malaysia akan jadi pengeluar nombor satu kondom.'

emmmmm..should i say, 'saya bangga jadi anak malaysia kerana kami adalah pengeluar kondom terbesar dunia'?
I.......just let you think about it.

the inspiration to write is coming from here: