Thursday, January 5, 2012

.between Prada and Gucci.

It's happening. It's actually definitely happening. Shopping in seriously? Haha. Still in the tube, but I already feel the excitement.  I've heard that there are lots of designer clothes, and handbags, and shoes in Rome. And they are cheap! can you imagine buying Gucci for 50 pounds?Hahaha. Butterfly in my stomach.

We (8 of us) reach the destination, Piazza di Spagna. It's a wow! Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Valentino, Gucci and Prada and i don't know what else.  Piazza di Spagna is swamped with people. We decided to go shopping separately. 4 of us go to the right, while the other 4 go to the opposite direction.

First destination is Prada.  I'm feeling a bit tight around the throat. The smile disappeared. 200 euros for a blouse?! 100 euros for a plain and simple purse??  300 euros for high heels?? 300 euros..I can buy 15 heels from New Look!

Inhale.Exhale. 'Let's go to Gucci' my friend said. Yeah, let's go to Gucci.Probably I could buy something there. Entering Gucci is like entering a museum. Everything is in the glass. The only thing which is not in the glass is a set of handbags.  Ha, this is it! I quickly check the price. 500 euros! No, rama. there's no such thing as 50-pound-handbag. It's in your dream! We take each other's hands and make our way out from the place.

Standing between Prada and Gucci, we compare ourselves with those women who carry branded paper bag in their hands. We wear snickers, they wear platforms. We carry heavy backpacks, they carry designer handbag stylishly. They carry designer paperbags, we carry a white plastic bag with mineral water in it. Ok, it sounds pathetic now.

and between Prada and Gucci, we pray....we pray for something which is quite personal *laugh*. At first I thought it was ridiculous. But now I really hope Allah will grant our wishes...those special prayers between Prada and Gucci. *smile*