Monday, January 30, 2012

.i'm a murderer.

and the victim is something called 'TIME'
in a simple phrase, i am a murderer coz i love to kill time.
i have class tomorow morning at 9
i can't believe it's tuesday!
yeah..i'm using exclamation mark not to say that i'm excited. but it's used to express disbelief.
tomorow gonna meet roisin for tutorial.
and working on the next chapter of dissy is quite an enjoyable thing to do (motivated enough?epic fail!)
and so to ease the headache...painting never failed far.

and the theme for my paintings is 'close your eyes coz me dunno how to draw the eyes' =p

(both paintings are inspired by )

p/s: i just realise that there's no flow in my writing.ha.ha.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

.no, i'm not upset.


UNFORTUNATELY, i repeat, UNFORTUNATELY...BOTH GAVE THIS 'we are sorry. your request has been declined'


p/s caps lock means pegal.

Monday, January 23, 2012

.things we should do.

lets just make some sweet little secret
so that when we 'meet' one day, we're gonna have lotsa things to say
we don't want to end up with 'hi', 'emmm' and 'bye' the whole day, rite?

yours sincerely,
a woman.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

.those two days.

saturday and sunday were filled with this:

some people ask me,
'apa guna kursus khawin tapi ada seja yang bercerai?' answer is like this:
'apa guna belajar tapi ada seja yang gagal?'

it's entirely up to you to interpret it.

p/s:i'm quite noob in answering questions.apology. =)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


So this is it..
two days..gonna learn a lot .i.Allah.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am proud to be Malaysian because........ (long pause)

The Japanese said 'I am proud of my country. Honda, Toyota, name it. All of them made in Japan.'

The English said 'I am proud to be English. Every body learns our language.'

The Chinese said 'You know can get almost all branded stuffs in China. Gucci made in China?Oh that's normal'

Suddenly the Malaysian came, 'Kami pengeluar kondom utama di dunia. Thailand mengalami banjir besar, jadi tidak mustahil Malaysia akan jadi pengeluar nombor satu kondom.'

emmmmm..should i say, 'saya bangga jadi anak malaysia kerana kami adalah pengeluar kondom terbesar dunia'?
I.......just let you think about it.

the inspiration to write is coming from here:

Friday, January 13, 2012

.a moment of leisure.

after every 'hardwork', i have a habit to reward myself with the episodes of howimetyourmother

last few days, i finished watching it.

instead of drama series, i rewarded myself with chocolate, and crisps, and cakes and a cup of coffee.and
tea.and sometimes milo.and neslo. (eh rakus)

and..the result feeling ef ay ti

so this time, i won't let the food win

that's why i decided to reward myself with 42 minutes (equals to one episode) of desperate housewives

and i can't believe it dragged me until 3 episodes!

i juuust love Gaby! don't you think she's adorably getek??

and truth be told...i'm still eating cake, and chocolates and crisps minus the hot drink.
food, i let you win this time.

*ef ay ti=fat

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

.caring is sharing.

I think I'm more like Betho-the-cat now
four scratches at one time??
should wear gloves to sleep then.

Btw Ustaz Zamri shared something during the talk.(eh this is actually the main point.ehe)
I won't do any harm if I share it here, aite?
So, if you are juuust started to do amalan-amalan sunat, perhaps, the 3 amalans (amalans??) that you could start with are:
-solat sunat dhuha
-solat sunat witir
-puasa 3 hari sebulan

try to do these sampai mantop ya (ouh pardon the code mixing).

"laksanakanlah amalan mengikut kemampuan kamu.  Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan bosan sebelum kamu merasa bosan.  Sesungguhnya amalan paling disukai Allah ialah amalan yang ringan tetapi berterusan" -Hadis Riwayat Muslim-

p/s: it's 2.30 am...woaaah what a record. the thanks should go to the assignment.ehe.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

.january: bulan emo emo ke sekolah.

first day of school:

new exercise books inside the bag
new pens and pencils inside the new pencil box
new uniform hang neatly in the wardrobe
and not to forget, new white shoes together with the socks
"ready to meet some new friends?" mum's a question.

that was 16 years ago. (eh tuanya.)

now...first day of class...
nothing new
except some new subjects
new assignments
new tasks for dissy
"are you ready to absorb as much as you can without feeling sleepy?"
it's a challenge.not a question.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

.between Prada and Gucci.

It's happening. It's actually definitely happening. Shopping in seriously? Haha. Still in the tube, but I already feel the excitement.  I've heard that there are lots of designer clothes, and handbags, and shoes in Rome. And they are cheap! can you imagine buying Gucci for 50 pounds?Hahaha. Butterfly in my stomach.

We (8 of us) reach the destination, Piazza di Spagna. It's a wow! Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Valentino, Gucci and Prada and i don't know what else.  Piazza di Spagna is swamped with people. We decided to go shopping separately. 4 of us go to the right, while the other 4 go to the opposite direction.

First destination is Prada.  I'm feeling a bit tight around the throat. The smile disappeared. 200 euros for a blouse?! 100 euros for a plain and simple purse??  300 euros for high heels?? 300 euros..I can buy 15 heels from New Look!

Inhale.Exhale. 'Let's go to Gucci' my friend said. Yeah, let's go to Gucci.Probably I could buy something there. Entering Gucci is like entering a museum. Everything is in the glass. The only thing which is not in the glass is a set of handbags.  Ha, this is it! I quickly check the price. 500 euros! No, rama. there's no such thing as 50-pound-handbag. It's in your dream! We take each other's hands and make our way out from the place.

Standing between Prada and Gucci, we compare ourselves with those women who carry branded paper bag in their hands. We wear snickers, they wear platforms. We carry heavy backpacks, they carry designer handbag stylishly. They carry designer paperbags, we carry a white plastic bag with mineral water in it. Ok, it sounds pathetic now.

and between Prada and Gucci, we pray....we pray for something which is quite personal *laugh*. At first I thought it was ridiculous. But now I really hope Allah will grant our wishes...those special prayers between Prada and Gucci. *smile*


Monday, January 2, 2012

.the story unfolds.

If one day my children flip through my album and ask"Who's this guy with two cute little girls?"
and if I have to choose the followings:

A. that's my friend with his nieces.
B. that's your father.and those are your cousins.

I wish I could give them B as the ultimate answer.

We don't know what He plans for us.
Together we pray for the bright future.

"Happy Birthday and Happy New Year"

p/s:semoga dipercepatkan apa yang patut dipercepatkan.amin