Saturday, December 31, 2011

.this is december speaking. (2)

it's 12.41 am, 1st January 2012.
ouh, forget about it first, coz this is still december 2011 speaking.

Though rama was busy with everything,
she found a new hobby.

rama doesn't know how to draw.
but she loves painting.
though she doesn't good at it...still we have to give her a chance.ha.ha.

22nd dec:
she went to a program.
she didn't manage to snap a single photo of ustaz zamri (mari mengaji tv9)
but no worries coz she has this:

ustaz's mum.

And my day ends with a celebration.
 (don't you think the ending is kinda abrupt? ouh coz she's sleepy.ha.ha.)

I hope rama's 2012 is as colourful as the december rainbow

HAPPY NEW YEAR peeps..May His blessings shine upon you.amin!


Lan said...


Beattrice said...

rama!!! i love the 4th painting the most :) never knew u hv this talent ;)

ana rama said...


hahaha..thanks beba.

Lan said...

lukiskan aku bunga sejambak pls kak rama

ana rama said...

berapa harga mo letak?

Lan said...

huish, bole bawa bincang

ana rama said...

bincang dgn peguam saya *tibatiba*