Monday, December 5, 2011

.a letter to mr. december.

Dear December,
welcome again
it has been a year since we meet again.
Remember last year? when you come into my life smoothly
without anything worried me
you brought the excitedness of the whitey snow
no dissy to worry about
and no exams
you only sprinkled a little anxiety about the assignments
but you quickly cure it with boxing day!
how i miss the old you, dear mr. december.

I still thanked you though
coz this busyness helped me to be more discipline
and btw thank you for not allowing me to shed even a single tear
coz you constantly remind me how much time i'm going to waste by wiping the tears away.
even one second is precious to add one word in the assignment.

yeah..and i shouldn't write in this blog while i don't even write anything for assignment, let alone the dissy.


kiorsly said...

"even one second is precious to add one word in the assignment(Ramadana, 2011)" seriously, I really love this one and this simply show that we should not waste our time even just for one second because one second can be used to write a word in assignment. that is GENIUS :)

ana rama said...

hhahaa..that's kinda irony tho.coz i haven't write anything. *sigh*

Lan said...

oh yeah I remember u last december , and your boxing day shopping spree :D

faster do assignment la kak ramaaaa

ana rama said...

ok..will complete 'em asap!