Wednesday, December 28, 2011

.the choice is in your hand.

To choose something over something else is a problem. Agree? And the biggest problem on earth is to choose the right thing..yes? Some people choose to write the pros and cons for their choices (good!). Some making choices in a rush (not that good). And some people trying so hard not to choose like...
'So where we go after this?'
answer: ikutlaa..tak kisah.

'Mo makan apa ni?'
answer: mana-mana pun i makan ja.ikutlah.

I have once choosed to answer that way.  And somebody told me..

So if you get married one day...then ppl asked 'Nak lelaki A ka (kaya,ensem, beriman) atau lelaki B (koya,masam, takberiman)?'
berani jawab?: mana-manalah..ikutlah..tak kisah pun.

When you try to make a decision, it means you are ready and willing to take responsibilites.  And when this happens, it means you are training yourselves to be a responsible person. 

I's hard to choose something...because sometimes when the thing you choose is not the one you want, you tend to regret it later. But whats life without making mistakes? 

If now you are in a situation which forces you to make a choice, be grateful

coz you don't want to end up in a situation where you don't have any second options
and you don't have anything to choose..
it's frustrating!
trust me.

coz i'm feeling it now.


Lan said...

choose well and let there be no chance for excuses eh? like that?

ana rama said...

emm..'choose well', that the key word really.

it's like we'll never know we choose the right thing, until we have chosen something. eh i just make things complicated pulak.hehe

Amirul Alias said...

OMO rama, i usually answer like that! i never realised that till one day baim told me marah2, lol.

ana rama said...

some ppl annoyed when we answer tat way.and baim is one of 'em i guess.haha