Saturday, December 31, 2011

.this is december speaking. (2)

it's 12.41 am, 1st January 2012.
ouh, forget about it first, coz this is still december 2011 speaking.

Though rama was busy with everything,
she found a new hobby.

rama doesn't know how to draw.
but she loves painting.
though she doesn't good at it...still we have to give her a chance.ha.ha.

22nd dec:
she went to a program.
she didn't manage to snap a single photo of ustaz zamri (mari mengaji tv9)
but no worries coz she has this:

ustaz's mum.

And my day ends with a celebration.
 (don't you think the ending is kinda abrupt? ouh coz she's sleepy.ha.ha.)

I hope rama's 2012 is as colourful as the december rainbow

HAPPY NEW YEAR peeps..May His blessings shine upon you.amin!

.this is december speaking.

dear people,
i would like to remind you once again,
that....this is december speaking.
i've been very busy this year
i thought rama hates me.
yes. she is.
i mean...yes.she WAS.
i stuffed her with lots of things to do.
remember 'a letter to mr december'?
yup.. that's for me indeed.
i've started my 1st day with the thoughts of exam, assignment and dissertation.
and not to forget a call from royal mail.
she's got the job.
she's happy. but she cried at the same time.
coz i made her busy.very very very busy indeed.
but it's alright
coz she's very happy with the royal-mail-experience in the end.
she met lots of people
an old woman who talked about her husband (succesful and rich old man), her daughter (who takes engineering) and her son (guitarist for a 'famous' band).
not to forget that blue-eyed guy who kinda interested with rama's lifestyle as a muslim.
and yeah, she forgot to ask his name. 'not important pun' rama said. kununlaa.
and the most interesting part..she had a lovely boss. thank you doc.
and this amazing chapter of working is not complete without the lively and lovely friends; from pembunuh to pemburu to si pembaca buku...rama said, you guys are awesome!  ^_*

doc the boss

this amazing chapter of december won't stop here...though today is the last day of december 2011.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

.hidup ibarat roller coaster.

blog is having a good rest.
something happened recently
if I were able to high-5 that person in the face, I would surely do it (whoaaa matciam berani)
'but come on's not a big deal' my heart says
seriously i feel ofended at first
but as i was reading what that person wrote, I nodded...slowly.
and smiled.
and i'm still smiling.
thanks for clarifying. 

'pause, iman, imagination', remember?  ^__*

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

.the choice is in your hand.

To choose something over something else is a problem. Agree? And the biggest problem on earth is to choose the right thing..yes? Some people choose to write the pros and cons for their choices (good!). Some making choices in a rush (not that good). And some people trying so hard not to choose like...
'So where we go after this?'
answer: ikutlaa..tak kisah.

'Mo makan apa ni?'
answer: mana-mana pun i makan ja.ikutlah.

I have once choosed to answer that way.  And somebody told me..

So if you get married one day...then ppl asked 'Nak lelaki A ka (kaya,ensem, beriman) atau lelaki B (koya,masam, takberiman)?'
berani jawab?: mana-manalah..ikutlah..tak kisah pun.

When you try to make a decision, it means you are ready and willing to take responsibilites.  And when this happens, it means you are training yourselves to be a responsible person. 

I's hard to choose something...because sometimes when the thing you choose is not the one you want, you tend to regret it later. But whats life without making mistakes? 

If now you are in a situation which forces you to make a choice, be grateful

coz you don't want to end up in a situation where you don't have any second options
and you don't have anything to choose..
it's frustrating!
trust me.

coz i'm feeling it now.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

.regret no no.

i've never done this before.

never ever ever in my life

but today im going to do it

and im going to 'donate' my money to those shopping complex for the second time.

boxing day.......apa suda ko buat sama saya ni!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

.counting days.

20th december

the day after my laptop ruined miserably

the day before i'm officially leaving royal mail

2 days before the program with ustaz zamri

5 days before christmas

and when it is 5 days before means 6 DAYS before boxing day *smile*

11 days before new year

and after new means 10 days before submitting the draft for dissertation *cry*

"Do it bit by bit.At least you do something to get started.English is can do it.good luck!" -kata seorang bermata biru yang kerja bersama sama saya di royal mail-ha.ha.

Monday, December 5, 2011

.a letter to mr. december.

Dear December,
welcome again
it has been a year since we meet again.
Remember last year? when you come into my life smoothly
without anything worried me
you brought the excitedness of the whitey snow
no dissy to worry about
and no exams
you only sprinkled a little anxiety about the assignments
but you quickly cure it with boxing day!
how i miss the old you, dear mr. december.

I still thanked you though
coz this busyness helped me to be more discipline
and btw thank you for not allowing me to shed even a single tear
coz you constantly remind me how much time i'm going to waste by wiping the tears away.
even one second is precious to add one word in the assignment.

yeah..and i shouldn't write in this blog while i don't even write anything for assignment, let alone the dissy.