Tuesday, November 8, 2011

.becoming a teacher (1).

Was writing some notes when a cute-handsome little year 8 student smiled at me. I smiled back and continued writing.  But I could feel that he's watching me. I stopped writing. And slowly, I took a seat beside him.

Me: You look bored.
S: Yeah. I don't like textile (the subject). I don't like sewing.
Me: I see. Now tell me what you'd like to do?
S: I dunno.
Me: Do you like Maths?
S: Em..kinda. I'm just bored! Teacher scolds me.Always!
Me: Wanna talk?
S: Let's talk then. (put his pencil down and smile at me) Why do you come here?
Me: I have to do some observation.Taking notes and stuff.
S: Do you like it?
Me: Erk??
S: Did you do this because you have to or because you like it? (I was like God! this kid is really something.haha)
Me: Actually..I have to.I must do it.This is for my assignment.you know..dissertation and all.
S: I saw you taking notes. Did you enjoy it? (Gotcha!I said to myself)
Me: Enjoy it??haha.let me tell you my secret. I don't like doing this.It's booring!
S: (he laughed) Then, why you do this anyway? Why don't you just go back?
Me: You also bored. Why don't you just go back too?
S: Coz I have no choice.
Me: Same. Because I have to do this. Even though I'm feeling completely bored, I still have to do it. I have to go through it until I the work is done. And that's what you have to do now. Because we have the same problem.
S: (smile)

The teacher assistant (TA) suddenly came towards us. I get up and went to my seat; continued taking notes.  When the TA had gone, I took a quick glance at him. He was doing his work. I smiled. Did I just give him motivation? Auwww.. I feel touched.


Where is he going now?

Ok.He's under the table. Crawling. and flirting with that cute girl. Pffft!

I'm not a good motivator huh?!=.=


Lan said...

hahahahaha , kak rama punya motivation lasts for 10 seconds only, weeeeeeeeeee~

ana rama said...

im not born to give motivation.probably.haha

Anonymous said...

Haha. That boy is clever!

ana rama said...

clever as in "clever".haha

Davidozz said...

u motivated him to "flirt" bcoz u're flirting with him ah..hahahaha

ana rama said...

for ur information mr davidoz, im not flirting with a 13 y.o. student.

~A journey 2 Remember~ said...

This is cool Rama2!haha