Tuesday, November 1, 2011

.the Malaysians abroad. (Manchester)

From Warrington to Liverpool,
Shall we fly to Manchester now?

Manchester is heaven!
I'm bias. I admit that. Ha.ha.
I'm soo freaking excited because Manchester is one of the many cities that I wanted to visit.
The whether was good when we started our journey to Old Trafford (OT).
Eyp, wait! We actually went shopping before we took a tram to OT.
Shopping in Manchester was heavenly heavennn!
Shopping in H&M was like shopping in charity shop.(better than that I think.hehe)

from h&m to clarks to miss selfridge...then we suddenly pancit in tk max.They said, 'hey, cannot sit on the floor la.' Yet we had no choice coz kaki suda penat bah. No bench summore. so what to do lah. =)
 And you know what happened behind this picture?

It's actually a Ralph Lauren coat.
Aufa found it first.
And I was like 'It's Ralph Lauren!! You soo gonna buy this!'
And when we saw the price (pic above) we said 'You sooo gonna put this back!'

Ok.Enough about shopping.

After had a buffet in halal chinese restaurant,
we took a tram to OT.
The excitedness was in the air.
Few minutes after that, we reached OT.
Just by reading the sign 'Welcome to Old Trafford' made me feel 'wowwww!!'

Now, lets talk about the stadium.
three words: I LOVEEEEEE ITTTT!
You know the feeling of entering branded-stuff-with-affordable-price shop?? That's exactly how I felt at that moment. Excited!
The tour guide was awesome!!

that's him!!
We also entered the dressing room
so basically we had the chance to put on the players' jersey.
we just touched it. and crumpled it.and take pictures with it.

and some acted like the ferguson.like this guy:

ferguson's identical twin.=p
since we were soo excited, we took pictures almost anywhere.twice! =.=

why only two of us? because we used the same camera.
and thrice. =.="
same spot but with different expression.

take 1:
"we are friends"
take 2:
"I'm his daughter.and he's my father"

Take 3:
"I'm his mistress. and we are happy together."
*ampun dib.haha*
And something good happened while we were buying souvenirs.
we found them!!!

me: 'are you travelling alone?'
datuk farid: nope. i'm with a few others. faizal tahir is also here.
the excited friends: *screammmmm*

see.imma was soo excited.haha
After hu-ha-ing, we had to go back.
It was very windy.
extremely windy actually.
The tudung was out of place.
and hey friends, remember the 'flying-certificate'??
It was hillarious.
Imma, aufa, wani, fatin and hyder ran for it.
and the awesome part was, while they were running hither and thither, hafiz and I-can't-remember-who were enjoying their kodak moments! It was funny! (At least for me and for those who witness the 'flying-certificate event')

The Manchester was awesome!
One of the reasons why I like it soo much is because of you. =)


Nurul Faezah said...

Wow,you're sooooooooo lucky. 1st Manchester and then Faizal Tahir. hik3~

ana rama said...

fate brought us together.ececeh.haha

tqa said...

arghhhhhhhhhh!! *envy*

ana rama said...

bah.dtg sini b4 blk msia!