Sunday, November 27, 2011

.making my way out.

life has been so tough lately
i don't blame the assignments and exams
i blame my bad dreams instead

but im grateful that the bad dreams had made their way out from my sleep
and funny dreams replace 'em all
i'm the one who can easily be affected by dreams
bad habit. i know.
but sometimes dreams make me be what I cannot be in real life
and meet somebody whom i can't possibly meet
sometimes i force myself to sleep again with hope that the dream continues.
bad habit.again.

last night,
i slept soundly
without dreams to cuddle
thanks to Mount Edgcumbe for making me tired
but the tiredness is worth it because the journey was awesome!
thanks iylia for planning this unintended  'girls day out'-journey.
from ferry to maze, to beach, to the incomplete castle, to the mountain, to the ducklings and seagull....
everything is perfectly framed in my memory.

ice-cream made in cornwall.

courtesy of zaf

i'm in loooveee with this seriousllly in love.

ferry. 2.40 pounds return from city to mount edgcumbe.10 minutes journey. (yes.i'm promoting.)