Sunday, November 13, 2011

"LOVE": what's the first colour that cross your mind? (beg for an answer)

Red is not the only colour for roses.
It can be white, lavender, yellow, burgundy, peach, and sometimes blue...
but the 7 year-old kids choose to paint it with red

The sky is not always blue
Sometimes, it can be grey, orange + gold and black too.
but the 7 year-old kids prefer to say 'the sky is blue'

Leaves can't only be green
When it's autumn, the leaves turn yellow
or may be brown.
in fact, red maple tree has burgundy leaves.
but the 7 year-old kids pick greeny for the leaves.not burgundy.not brown.not yellow.

Why are these things happened?
Because we have moulded the kids that way.
Don't you think so?

what's your answer to my question "Love: what's the first colour that cross your mind?"

If your answer is 'red', then you are the '7 year-old kids'.

p/s: Suddenly I realise that saying "I hate changes" won't change anything.


Lan said...

..... love.. no colour @@! white? maybe transparent

ibung said...

i am 7 year old kids. alerr..

ana rama said...

lan: bravo.

ibung: we're in the same boat.=)

Lan said...

7 year old kids say love is red because love <3 is pictured as a heart red in colour, is that it kak rama?

ana rama said...

clever!u pass the test!