Thursday, November 10, 2011

.Having trouble sleeping?? Try literature.

If you are students, I'm pretty sure that you have experienced what I always experience in class: the sleeeeeepinesss.

And I don't always face this kind of situation except in Literature class. Why? Because the lecture is like a lullaby. =.=

Today I faced the eyes-don't-want-to-open situation once again. So what I did was:
 1. Roll my eyes as big as I could

2. Whatever he says, I just write 'em down. It works! I have something to focus on rather than thinking of my sleepiness. It's just sentences were hanging:
"He demonstrates"
"get out what lies beneath the"
"poem allows human nature to speak outside the nature of"
  When I read my notes back, I was like, who's homosexual?? He demonstrates what?? So basically I'm in despair.=.=

3. Nod! Nod as often as I can coz physical movement can make me less sleepy.  Besides, nodding gives a positive connotation.  The lecturer might think that I completely understand what he says.  Whereas, the truth is I'm just the sleepyhead who are extremely sleepy until my head goes back and forth.

4. Close my eyes for 10 seconds while frowning.  Lecturer might think that I'm thinking. Actually I'm 'meditating.'
5. I'm trying so hard not to take a glimpse of my watch/ the clock. Coz I have this habit..when I know what time it is, I tend to count how many hours to go before the 'bell rings'. And I tell you, it's completely annoying!

So basically these are the things that help me to survive in Adrian's class (kunun). If you have another splendid ideas on how to fight the sleepiness in class, you are welcomed to share 'em with me.

----"ada presentation hari ni."
----"gud luck! buat ja mcm *anda selalu becakap dlm keta." Ouch!haha

*subject to change


아마리나 said...

mine, i ll touch my eyes a lot of time acting like something got into my eyes and i need to take it out, so that i have a strong reason to close my eyes for a few seconds, then i'll be fresh again for a few minutes. hahaha. and yeah. its only during adrian's class. mysterious btul.

ana rama said...

hmmm.probably..he put a spell on us.=p

Lan said...

literature classes can be very sleepy when you don't understand kan. ask questions la, kenot? haha

ana rama said...

how to ask questions when u urself not sure what to ask.haha

Lan said...

ask any kind of question just to stay awake!haha . or berdiri lahhh sampai xngantuk~

ana rama said...

bediri smpai x ngantuk??are u serious??hahaa.tiba2 bediri masa dia bg lecture. punya laa pelik.ko laa jgk lan.

Lan said...

itu taktik masa sekolah menengah.tapi kalau kau tertidur juga masa berdiri kau memang hebat la

ana rama said...

ya.aku mmg bole tidur bediri.means aku mmg hebat =.=