Tuesday, November 22, 2011

.becoming a teacher (2).

Sitting among the two girls (let's call them C and D) and two boys (emm A and B) in Year 7 (12-13 y.o) today. Teacher was explaining about the task they should do in class; designing a cake for 5 year-old kids. Some said 'yay!' some said 'nay!' And me? I'm in the 'yay!' group. coz I think this food-class is waaay better than the electronic class. The class is not boring and I have fun and chatty kids to be around with.

B: Miss where are you from?
Me: Why don't you guess?
A: You are from China! *i laughed*
B: No.She's from Uganda.  *laughed again*
D: Slovakia? *what??haha*
Me: I'm from Malaysia.
B: Asia??
Me: Yeah. Asia..but specifically Malaysia. You know Malaysia?
B: Hey!she's from Asia!(shouting.telling the whole class. The teacher looked at me; smiling. which i saw as 'you've created chaos in this class!')

C: Miss why did you wear that head scarf?  Is it because you are cold?
Me: No.This is for religious purpose.I'm muslim.
B: So do you have hair?
Me: Of course I do. *laughed*
A: So you not wear bikini then.
B: Hey of course not! She won't expose her body to everyone. *I laughed* 
C: So how are you gonna swim? Are you wearing like this too?
Me: No. Do you think they will allow me to swim like this?*laughed* We have our own swimsuit. It's not that tight. It's a bit loose.and it's not bikini.

A  : Miss, are you married?
Me: *Laugh* Not yet.
C  : My mother is not married too.
Me : Is she?
C: Yeah. And i don't know who's my father. (Gosh! kesian.)
A  : I hate my father!
Me: Why?You can't simply hate your father.
A: Because he's never home. Mom said that I have loooots of Dads.
Me: *speechless for a second* So you live with you mother then?
A: Yup. And my sister. Miss..have you watched home alone? (yeah.they love to change topic abruptly)
Me: Yup. it's about that cute little boy is it?
A: No! he's not cute. emm Btw..my sister loves to be at home, alone.
Me: Ouh, sometimes I like to be alone in my house too. (A looks at me with his surprised expression. I was like...did I say it wrongly??)
A: Everytime she's alone, she will have sex with her boyfriend. (ok.no wonder he gave me that expression =.=)
Me: So how did you know? You've seen them??
A gives me a mischievous smile. God! *Faint*


Lan said...

banyak cerita dapat dari anak didik cikgu rama

ana rama said...

begitulah nampak gayanya

Muli said...

haha, comelness!