Sunday, October 9, 2011

.why oh why.

I was waiting for that moment to come. Everything's ready. From goggle to silicon cap to float. Pound by pound transferred into the shopping mall. This is the hardest part of all. You know, when you go shopping, there are two voices in your head; 'Buy it' or 'Don't buy it!' (Especially if those things are not in your wish all!)

Then when you are about to pay, this 'Don't-buy-it' thought suddenly hit you: 'You wanna buy these freaking swimming stuffs??! You gotta be kidding me! You can buy 3 dresses instead.'  But then, it's too late to say 'Yes.I should buy dresses!' coz the cashier already said 'This is your receipt.Thank you and please come again.'

Ok.Back to my first sentence,I was waiting for that moment to come. And yeah, I finally hit the pool. Drinking the tasteless water is normal. Shouting instead of talking is super normal (the silicon cap makes you deaf). It supposed to be an exciting moment. But I can't feel the excitement. It's just not there. May be because it's too crowded. Or may be because the lifeguard is always a guy. Or may be because....ok.I shouldn't lie.It's because I don't know how to swim until the deep end. Everytime I feel like I'm a good swimmer, I found myself kicking the floor.not the water.Ouh! pathetic!


kiorsly said...

hahahaaa.. so that is the temptation of shopping ya? and my favorite part is the moment that you just realized that you can but 3 dresses , and at the same time.. the cashier already said, here is your receipt.. hahaha.. wow, learning to swim.. good one, nnti ada pa2, bleh slamatkn org.. I already try to swim, but cam x bleh.. uhuhuhu.. apa2pun, good luck with swimming rama :)but make sure to do a light warming up.. becoz cramp while swimming can be dangerous which is always happen to me.. ngeng kn.. :)

ana rama said...

hahaa..i tot u are the swimming master.remember san shui?u keep on swimming until u complained 'my hair jadi keras sbb itu klorin.'haha

clare richard said...

just what every girl go through each time they're in front of the cash machine. :) and one good advice i received about swimming is don't concentrate too much on either its a 'can or cant' thing, but rather look to it as a practice in finding your own rhythm and tuning in to your own body movement.

ana rama said...

good one!will try to apply that once im in the pool.thanks clare.=)