Sunday, October 2, 2011

was concentrating in front of lappy.reading for dissy?

nope.i was deleting the 'unused' pics in lappy
and i saw this.

and i am craving for this pizza.right now.right at this very moment.and it's miles and miles and miles away from here.
and was suddenly found this pics which were taken last year.
in pizza plymouth:
salmon al forno (thanks to amal). yes!the name is's actually a crispy salmon.finger lickin! no nonsense.
make-it-urself ice-cream
Americano (regular).
with full fat milk.
makan sampai litcccin.

then i found another pics.
the Crownhill Fort.
we went there last time. but it wasn't open for public.
it's only open once a month.

the main office
they actually build this fort to protect the place from the french attack.

and this is the least altered fort in plymouth.
the tunnel.quite scary huh?

the pathway
ok.forget about the fort.
i'm also craving for this:
taken in wangi chicken rice.(eyh eyh tgn siapakah itu?ahaks)
ok that's all.

eyh got another pics.

the youngest niece.ouh i love you to yana!



아마리나 said...

its alforno. remember we laughed bila nampak the name. hahaha.. and thank you rama sbb aku pn dgn mintak pujinya mau juga makan ni bnda =.=

ana rama said...

hahaa..dont blame me darling.weh alporno is superb rite?!haha