Friday, October 28, 2011

.probably it shouldn't be this way.

Since i met the famous figures of TV3 in Manchester, my mind is filled with the what-ifs:

What if I asked him how to get through the interview?

What if I sent him my resume?

What if I gave him my number and asked him to call me if there's a vacancy?

What if I met that reporter and asked him the tips to pass the interview?

What if I ignored faizal tahir and continued the casual talk with datuk farid?

What if I told him that I'm interested to get involved?

What if I told him that I really excited to meet him in person?

Arghhh the what-ifs really kill me this time.
I shouldn't think about this anymore.
There's a lot of assignments and presentations to think of.
Forget about the 'fairy-tale'.
Dreaming is better than giving too much hope for something near impossible.
 Good night! Time to hug the teddy and close the eyes tightly.

*ok.ok.It's silly, isn't it?You are permitted to LOL.='(


Shidiey said...

It's not silly. It's your dreams. Better to have one than nothing. Everyone has one. Well, that's what I think. Who knows maybe in the future you'll get the chance to fulfil your dreams. From what I see, you got the materials to be a journalist. You go Rama!

ana rama said...

ouchhh.tat so sweet of u shidi.thank u! =')

Davidozz said...

yea..just forget it..just a "fairy tale" mah.. :P

ana rama said...

thank you david.thank you SOO MUCH.=.=

아마리나 said...

agree with shidi. u can do it rama iAllah :)jgn down. Allah belum bg jalan ke arah tu, tp nnt iAllah Allah akan kabulkan doamu. Dia xpernah kejam dgn hambaNya kn :) mgkn ada la yg xkena lg if ko dpt peluang tu skrg. maybe later kn. iAllah kami doakan utk kau :) may your dream to be a host come true one day :)

ana rama said...

adui..bikin nangis aah. *terharuu*
terima kasih org korea.