Sunday, October 30, 2011

.the Malaysians abroad. (Warrington)

The 13 of us went to warrington, manchester, liverpool and london last few days. Thanks to reading week. =).
Probably you've seen the pictures on my fb. But hey, pictures won't tell you the whole story. So let me tell you what really happened during the journey.  Let's start with warrington, shall we?

Warrington has never been in our to-go-list.  It's a last minute plan since the hotels in Manchester and Liverpool were fully booked. Probably because they had matches on that time. Remember 6-1?Ok. It's a disaster!  Case closed.
Back to the topic..we finally got the cheapest hotel to stay in Warrington.
If you ask me what's interesting about that place?? I will tell you, there's almost nothing!
It's like a dead city. We walked and walked and it was like nobody in it, except us!
It's kinda creepy.

Ok. That's about the city.
Now, let's talk about the room.
That night, everyone was sleeping; including me of course. But suddenly I heard this weird sound from upstairs. It sounded so weird until I feel like I want to vomit (ok. exaggerating.)
I shouldn't elaborate more. But if the term 'the sound of the bed' is exist, I would say, that's the 'scariest' thing to hear at night.

in front of travelodge, warrington (courtesy of zaf)

this is warrington-8 in the morning
that's about warrington.

ouh, shoot! it's 7! i have discussion!gotta go.bai.


Shidiey said...

You should post more pix so that I can save them later directly to my desktop. hehe :)

ana rama said...

haha.l8 my blog will bcome more like tumblr.go to my fb laa.and copy every pic tat u want.