Monday, October 31, 2011

.the Malaysians abroad. (Liverpool)

The journey to Liverpool began at 9 am.
Everybody was ready for the first stadium-tour experience
In the bus, on the way to the Anfield Stadium, I tried to keep my mouth shut.
That's because I wanted to capture the local accent coz I admit I fall in love with it.

This is Anfield.
My first impression was: Emm, boleh laa.
At 3 pm, the adventure began.
I was soo excited but unfortunately the tour guide really put me off.
They talked a lot about the history
and they made jokes about the players (whom I have no idea who the heck they are!)
Basically, I didn't get the joke. (can't you see how pathetic I am?? )
So I would say, the day in Anfield Stadium was boring. =(
Except the kodak moment!! it's pretty exciting! *smile*

There's something happened in the stadium actually
I do believe that some people(especially the gents) can be very fanatic about football
But it's kinda unacceptable if these 'football fanatics' to act like God who can control other people preferences in choosing their football team.
Like for example, when my friend said that he supports ManU, this asian guy who acting like mat salleh told the tour guide:
'I want you to get rid of that mu fan! He's just wasting his money by coming here.'
I was like, hey, it's my friend's money.
Not yours.
Chill la bah.
this not-so-good experience in Anfield is one of the reasons why I don't really like Liverpool FC. (erk..can u see the connection?)ok. forget it.=.=


Anonymous said...

It's not a crime visiting your enemy, isn't it? It's just dangerous! haha *well if you know what I mean. huhu

ana rama said...

hahaa.right on!

Shidiey said...

Hehe.. I support MU and I believe so does your bf :P. I was kinda pissed off with that MATSALEH-acting-asian guy. Temberang betul. Although I'm not a Liverpool fan but I'm a huge fan of football. I love the sport as women love shopping ;). Basically, I'm on your side... the tour was soOOoo boring but the photo-taking did just to us. We're all happy, right? Nggeeeee... ^____^

ana rama said...

hhahaa..another reason for not supporting liverpool is because he's soo into manU.
u r right.the photo-taking just made my day.haha.such a camwhore.=p