Tuesday, October 18, 2011

.10 reasons why people hit the 'like' button on facebook.

(applicable for fb status and comments)

1. because they really like it

2. because you've posted what they are about to post

3. because you are their bestfriend

4. because they want you to notice them

5. because they want you to like their comment/ status back

6. because they want you to check on their new gorgeous profile picture.

7. because that person is in love with you (it's a gentle hint for 'I'm stalking you.')auwww.

8. because they are bored.they have lots of free time to 'like' everybody's status/ comments.

9. because that's the polite way to tell 'i want to stop this conversation'

10. because they don't have any ideas what the heck you are crapping about.

most people opt for no. 9.

and the in-loves opt for no.7.*ehem*

so what are you?


tqa said...

1 & 2! :)
hehehe i LIKE it when somebody posts the song that love to listen to.

mcm. "ehhh samalah! aku pun suka ni. best kan??!" but since we're not that close, sa like seja lah. tapayah comment excited2. tehee! :p

Lan said...