Saturday, September 3, 2011

.you give seliparjepun, you get bally shoes.

My senior said "when you give something good to someone, Allah will give you something better". i don't know how it works and i don't know how i can make it works. i didn't realise that i just give it a go.

Last time i gave my favourite dress to someone coz she said it fits her well and she really hopes she can own one someday.  Then, a few weeks after that, someone else gave me a dress worth rm100.90.

Another last time, my sister borrowed my shawl. I just bought it and i haven't worn it. She said she loves the texture; soft and easy to wear. Indeed! She jokingly said 'can i have this?'.  I know she really wants it.coz the eyes never lies kan (huhu). So I said, bye bye shawl. And then my friend gave me a pashmina.which is better then the shawl i bought.  

"when you give something good to someone
Allah will give you something better."
we don't necessarily get the same thing that we give..
may be He gives you extra points to get into His heaven...which is something that invisible.
who knows kan.

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