Monday, September 12, 2011

.searching for something.end up with nothing.

i'm searching for it everywhere
in the rooms
in every single drawer
in each of the huge boxes in the store
but i couldn't find it.
the 'what-ifs' started to linger in my head
oh God please!don't let anybody in this house read it.
i finally asked mak about the green book in the green drawer
then she said all the books in the green drawer were brought to the recycle centre.
there it goes.
those bitter-sweet 'journals' that i wrote since form 3 until foundation year in Gaya has gone. 
hopefully they won't read that lousy green book about 'how i met you and your mother'
but if they accidentally read it, i hope they will say that it's a good story which should be filmed.
and i hope the recycle-er throw the green book straight away to the recycle machine.
and no body will realise that it's actually a diary.

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