Wednesday, September 28, 2011

.the pencil.

I was boasting about it the other day with my sister
how I'm able to keep it and use it for 7 years.
It's quite a long time really.
and somehow I didn't expect that it can be used up until now
because it wasn't my favourite pencil back then
I bought it for the sake of the pink shaker
It was on sale.
So I decided to buy two.
I simply took the green shaker because that's the only colour left.other than pink.
After a year, the pink gone missing.The green stays.
But..since 2.30 pm, the green is no longer here.
I think I shouldn't boast about having the freaking 7-year-old pencil.
coz now it's nowhere to be found.sobs.

it's quite surprising how tis picture is on my cammy.mesti kena snap time boring nie.== oh btw thats the late greeny.uhuk


Lan said...

mine is purple, 3years old

ana rama said...

make sure u dont lose u can make it 4.