Sunday, September 11, 2011

.if we ever meet again.

10 years ago, they called me 'robot' coz i didn't know how to mingle with new people.I smiled like a robot. I walked like a robot.I speak nothing but like a robot. Hey how can I give a gorgeous smile, a perfect walk and a superb speech when I'm nervous!

After being bullied for almost 4 years, I tried to build up my self-esteem. Yet, somebody mistakenly thought I was just trying to be a diva. So I stopped being over-friendly.

Recently, I met another new people. You have the speech planned in your head but suddenly it stuck there. and you say nothing but smiling. and your smile is like the worst smile evah! and you feel like you want to slap your face and knock your head so the words come out excitedly from your mouth. when the other party gone, you sit in front of the mirror and give the 'L' sign to the reflection.ouchhh.xsukanyaa.



Beattrice said...

i feel you rama. how frustrating it could be when the words just won't come out.

ana rama said...

haha.i thought im the only one who feel it.