Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hey hye!

3rd day of class.
Seems like everything is about dissertation. My news feed on facebook is all about dissy..dizzy..messy. 10 000 words for freaking 5 months?? eyh ok laa kot. 2000 words per month. ha.ha.

Btw, I'm planning to visit my bestfriend in Manchester. But he's quite busy I guess. With matches here and there. Ouh, I'm so gonna tell Rooney that I'm coming. =p
But the problem is...mum reminded me quite a few times to stay in the college no matter I have classes or not. It's all because of the riot in London last time. She's quite worried to let me go on holiday. Ok. Ashraf Haziq, you have to tell my mum that the riot is no longer happen and Rama should go to Manchester.

Eyh eyh it's already 8 . Classes at 9. Should get dressed. Now!


Lan said...

pehhh manchesterrrr , jeles

ana rama said...

dont be.not yet confirmed.