Friday, September 30, 2011



ada malu BESAR. malu kecik. malu normal.
dan malu kali ini adalah malu BESAAAAR punya.
ish.gudnite la!

.goodie news.

Finally i found my greeny.
I forgot that it's actually with fatin
I lent her the other day.

By the way
about the trip to manchester
finally the mum say 'yes' after few minutes of negotiation

and another by-the-way
now i know how to float
but i sank.after 10 seconds.
learning how to swim means learning how to relax.
and i still can't do it.
coz i keep on panicking over something that probably not gonna happen
like what if the guys m*sturbate in the water and the sperm will make you pregnant (no offence.somebody told me this when i was in spain last enlighten me.)cheers.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

.the pencil.

I was boasting about it the other day with my sister
how I'm able to keep it and use it for 7 years.
It's quite a long time really.
and somehow I didn't expect that it can be used up until now
because it wasn't my favourite pencil back then
I bought it for the sake of the pink shaker
It was on sale.
So I decided to buy two.
I simply took the green shaker because that's the only colour left.other than pink.
After a year, the pink gone missing.The green stays.
But..since 2.30 pm, the green is no longer here.
I think I shouldn't boast about having the freaking 7-year-old pencil.
coz now it's nowhere to be found.sobs.

it's quite surprising how tis picture is on my cammy.mesti kena snap time boring nie.== oh btw thats the late greeny.uhuk

hey hye!

3rd day of class.
Seems like everything is about dissertation. My news feed on facebook is all about dissy..dizzy..messy. 10 000 words for freaking 5 months?? eyh ok laa kot. 2000 words per month. ha.ha.

Btw, I'm planning to visit my bestfriend in Manchester. But he's quite busy I guess. With matches here and there. Ouh, I'm so gonna tell Rooney that I'm coming. =p
But the problem is...mum reminded me quite a few times to stay in the college no matter I have classes or not. It's all because of the riot in London last time. She's quite worried to let me go on holiday. Ok. Ashraf Haziq, you have to tell my mum that the riot is no longer happen and Rama should go to Manchester.

Eyh eyh it's already 8 . Classes at 9. Should get dressed. Now!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

.sunday blues.

first thing to do on sunday: ironing all the tudungs.

coz tomorrow is monday.
and it takes another 6 days before saying hello to sunday again.

aish.what a torture!

Friday, September 23, 2011

.hello mr toilet.

i have promised myself to take a bath twice or thrice a day once i'm in plymouth.
but now i think i have to take back my words.
once is enough.
its soooo cooooold and i don't think i can do it twice or even thrice.
it takes me about 30 minutes to put my feet in the bathroom,let alone to let the water touch me.
the plymouth is getting colder and colder day by day
blame the global warming! (i mean blame the ppl who cause global warming.)
actually i should take a bath an hour ago.
but i'm still here.
wondering whether i should go or not.

i should.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


badly injured
another year before it can be fixed.

all is well

Sunday, September 18, 2011

.special thanks.

my world is upsidedown
thank you jetlag for ruining my daytime
and oh yes.thank you skype for being such a cutelittle jerk.

Friday, September 16, 2011

.bye holz.

say hello to marjon at 2.20 am
everybody's sleeping
except the two girlfriends
who welcomed us with smile and laughter.
thank you=)

from airplanes to buses
from buses to taxi
3-day journey is seriously tiring
and sleeping is the best option.

but the effect of drinking two cups of coffee is damn strong.

arghhhh!! sasayaya mamahuhu titidudur!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

.somewhere white.

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
i'll face the different weather
different people
different view
different currency
different responsibility
and different kindof feelings
may Allah bless our journey.

Monday, September 12, 2011

.searching for something.end up with nothing.

i'm searching for it everywhere
in the rooms
in every single drawer
in each of the huge boxes in the store
but i couldn't find it.
the 'what-ifs' started to linger in my head
oh God please!don't let anybody in this house read it.
i finally asked mak about the green book in the green drawer
then she said all the books in the green drawer were brought to the recycle centre.
there it goes.
those bitter-sweet 'journals' that i wrote since form 3 until foundation year in Gaya has gone. 
hopefully they won't read that lousy green book about 'how i met you and your mother'
but if they accidentally read it, i hope they will say that it's a good story which should be filmed.
and i hope the recycle-er throw the green book straight away to the recycle machine.
and no body will realise that it's actually a diary.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

.if we ever meet again.

10 years ago, they called me 'robot' coz i didn't know how to mingle with new people.I smiled like a robot. I walked like a robot.I speak nothing but like a robot. Hey how can I give a gorgeous smile, a perfect walk and a superb speech when I'm nervous!

After being bullied for almost 4 years, I tried to build up my self-esteem. Yet, somebody mistakenly thought I was just trying to be a diva. So I stopped being over-friendly.

Recently, I met another new people. You have the speech planned in your head but suddenly it stuck there. and you say nothing but smiling. and your smile is like the worst smile evah! and you feel like you want to slap your face and knock your head so the words come out excitedly from your mouth. when the other party gone, you sit in front of the mirror and give the 'L' sign to the reflection.ouchhh.xsukanyaa.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

.before leaving on a jet plane.

from kodak to kfc
from kfc to servey
from servey straight to giant
and finally sipping mango sago at veda blu.

if tawau has 'Going Places',
i'll be the first person in line to buy it. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

.bite the beads. (3)

they said 'never give up'
so there's no harm in trying

i tried sewing 'crumble' once again
it's easy but it takes time to finish
and tis one is a last-minute work.

sister said my crumble makes her wanna vomit
coz the small beads look like worms
but the neighbour said she's amazed with my work.
i will trust my sister more.
coz i know the neighbour is just trying to be polite.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

.you give seliparjepun, you get bally shoes.

My senior said "when you give something good to someone, Allah will give you something better". i don't know how it works and i don't know how i can make it works. i didn't realise that i just give it a go.

Last time i gave my favourite dress to someone coz she said it fits her well and she really hopes she can own one someday.  Then, a few weeks after that, someone else gave me a dress worth rm100.90.

Another last time, my sister borrowed my shawl. I just bought it and i haven't worn it. She said she loves the texture; soft and easy to wear. Indeed! She jokingly said 'can i have this?'.  I know she really wants it.coz the eyes never lies kan (huhu). So I said, bye bye shawl. And then my friend gave me a pashmina.which is better then the shawl i bought.  

"when you give something good to someone
Allah will give you something better."
we don't necessarily get the same thing that we give..
may be He gives you extra points to get into His heaven...which is something that invisible.
who knows kan.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

.she cries.

even we live with her for 20 or 30 or 40 years
even we meet her everyday everynite every minute or every second
we still can't tell what she feels
we still can't understand the secret behind her smile and laughter and tears
when she says 'no!' it can be 'yes!'
thats why..when you and her have a talk, you can't give her your back
coz her eyes won't tell lies.
hopefully we won't be the next top tanggang (hey!it rhymes!)