Wednesday, August 3, 2011


dear last week,
i miss u!
we had nothing to do other than shopping and chatting
mum talked about her past life
me talked about my future life
chatting in the playground while swinging under the morning sun.
sister refused to join
she'd rather cook for breakfast she said.
mum and i had some private-chat
no sister eavesdropping
no nephews whimpering
mum gave me some secret tips
awesome! but sadly i forgot to write 'em down.

and sharing the haha-stories with sisters was incredible!
chatting while laying down, sharing one bed...
just reminded me of what we did years back; when we were young.
how i miss that moment.

the last week had gone
this week is tough
seriously tough
i hope i can handle everything
before i fly back to plymouth.

around 6 am

melinsung summer bay resort, papar.

semoga jodoh dan rezeki sentiasa ada.amin.

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Anonymous said...

knaper bha kawan?
u ok ka?