Thursday, August 4, 2011

.the downside of technology (ini benda sirius).

first attempt to start a smooth conversation-
A: eh you know what last time kan, pompuan gila intruded into our house tau. then...
B: then you screamed like hell and nobody come to save you.
A: eh, how do you know?
B: it's in your blog darling.
A: is it?huhu.

second attempt-
A: last week we celeb our first anniversary tau.then he bought me..
B: ..roses rite? and chocolate. and something called bubu. and a plastic ring. and three boxes of big apple.rite?
A: emm..i don't think i posted it in my blog..
B: it's in twitter.

third attempt-
A: weh u know what..everybody thinks that i already bought blackberry.hahha
B: because you post ur status in facebook via bb rite?
A: aha.but that's not mine.haha.
B: i know.coz that's your boyfriend's. you secretly took it from him coz you want to check his bbm.
A: *speechless*
A: don't tell me that you read all the 94 comments between me and my boyfriend..
B: errr...

This will know that the B is a plain stalker.
and the A is the "everybody-should-know-my-story" type of person.


tqa said...

sounds like me. A & B. both. ahahahaha. ok nak lempang diri sendiri. bai

tqa said...

tutorial pashmina pls. hekhekhek :p

ana rama said...

hahha..don worry ini cerita mcm 'menepuk air didulang sendiri' (semoga peribahasa ini adalah benar.haha)..sbb aku adalah stalker berjaya.weehuu.

tutorial pashmina??haha..mengolok2 ka ni?

tqa said...

bukan mengolok behhh. ini bukan cobaan ini betul2 kehkeh

ana rama said...

haha..bah.akan diusahakan.