Tuesday, August 9, 2011

.downright nasty.

i can see it from my own injuries
but when it comes from other ppl,
i can't stand it.

may be that's why i didn't succeed in science during school days
and 'Doctor' never in my 'when-i-grow-up' list
and in biology class, i went to the toilet during the frog-surgery.
and i refuse to watch 'Saw'
and i feel very dizzy after watching the Heartless Robbery in London Riots! (click)

what the heck are you doin with my fellow msian?
after you tried to kill him then you rob him??
mmg betulbetul heartless!

pray for ashraf haziq.


tqa said...

tgk video ni hari tu. terus sedih membayangkan diri sendiri belajar jauh2. nduk bah. first year student pulak tu Y_Y

*sama, nda bole tgk darah jgk! loya

ana rama said...

itu laa psl.kesian gila.terus emo2 ni tgk video tu.uhuk

*yeay!!ada kawan!=)