Monday, August 29, 2011

.bite the beads. (2)

raya is coming
i havent finished sewing the beads yet.
how am i going to wear the baju kurung???
ouhhh it's a total disaster!
seems like i have to stay up tonight.
sedih laa camni.

Monday, August 22, 2011


last week
"mak buat kuih raya jom!"
"masih awal.dua ari sebelum raya baru kita buat.kita buat sikit2 cukup laa."

"haji (mak mertua) sibuk suda di ruma.5 macam kuih suda dia buat.mak berapa macam suda?" (kakak ckp)

after semayang subuh tadi
"aik.mak ari ni baru 23 posa.ckp mo buat dua ari sebelum raya."
"aish.lambat suda kita nie."

kuikuikui..rupanya mau ada pembangkit semangat.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

.bite the beads.

DONE! after a week (i mean weekss) i FINALLY managed to sew all the beads
fuh! such a hard work.
the final touch is errr...kinda..err..kinda...err...messy...(wat i wanna say actually is IT ISS SOOOO deymm MESSSY!!) 

why do you think i didn't snap the whole baju kurung?? coz only these two yang sodap mata memandang.==,

 tis is last year's. (see..i started tis since last year but the skill still no come???!) 

Monday, August 15, 2011

.kids are cute.but not all the time.

when i reached the mosque, it's already late.
so i have no choice but sitting at the verrrry back saf ,surrounded by children
can you imagine while you were praying they constantly said 'tumpang lalu ya'???
and after the fatiha, they screamed 'amin' and continued saying 'mercun lagi satu!sana..sana!'
and hell yeah..satu rakaat satu mercun.
kids nowadays...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

.children can be soo sweet.

"what are you doing?"
"okay.let's do nothing together."

Friday, August 12, 2011

kehadapan stesenstesen tv,

sy tahu iman sy tidak kuat

jadi bole x kalo waktu tengah hari jangan iklankan air sedapsedap ada ice cube yang melazatkan?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

.downright nasty.

i can see it from my own injuries
but when it comes from other ppl,
i can't stand it.

may be that's why i didn't succeed in science during school days
and 'Doctor' never in my 'when-i-grow-up' list
and in biology class, i went to the toilet during the frog-surgery.
and i refuse to watch 'Saw'
and i feel very dizzy after watching the Heartless Robbery in London Riots! (click)

what the heck are you doin with my fellow msian?
after you tried to kill him then you rob him??
mmg betulbetul heartless!

pray for ashraf haziq.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

.trust.then you won't hurt.

may be i'm watching drama too much.
that's why the 'what-if' kills me.

sorry for being ridiculous.

Friday, August 5, 2011


i found something useful in somebody's blog.
hopefully it will be helpful for us to wake up before subuh prayer and perform qiamullail.
it's not easy to wake up when everybody is still sleeping though.
but yeah...why don't we give it a try kan.

bah..this is the link:
tips memudahkan bangun qiamullail

semoga amal semakin bertambah di bulan ramadhan ini. =)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

.the downside of technology (ini benda sirius).

first attempt to start a smooth conversation-
A: eh you know what last time kan, pompuan gila intruded into our house tau. then...
B: then you screamed like hell and nobody come to save you.
A: eh, how do you know?
B: it's in your blog darling.
A: is it?huhu.

second attempt-
A: last week we celeb our first anniversary tau.then he bought me..
B: ..roses rite? and chocolate. and something called bubu. and a plastic ring. and three boxes of big apple.rite?
A: emm..i don't think i posted it in my blog..
B: it's in twitter.

third attempt-
A: weh u know what..everybody thinks that i already bought blackberry.hahha
B: because you post ur status in facebook via bb rite?
A: aha.but that's not mine.haha.
B: i know.coz that's your boyfriend's. you secretly took it from him coz you want to check his bbm.
A: *speechless*
A: don't tell me that you read all the 94 comments between me and my boyfriend..
B: errr...

This will know that the B is a plain stalker.
and the A is the "everybody-should-know-my-story" type of person.

.things happen for a reason. (cliche enough?)

sometimes we dont realise
that what goes around comes around
we might easily say it and sing it
but when it really happens,
we seems to forget what we've done before.

one day is enough to make me go gaga
but i totally forget that you were in my shoes before

things settled.
hope everythings gonna be ok.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


dear last week,
i miss u!
we had nothing to do other than shopping and chatting
mum talked about her past life
me talked about my future life
chatting in the playground while swinging under the morning sun.
sister refused to join
she'd rather cook for breakfast she said.
mum and i had some private-chat
no sister eavesdropping
no nephews whimpering
mum gave me some secret tips
awesome! but sadly i forgot to write 'em down.

and sharing the haha-stories with sisters was incredible!
chatting while laying down, sharing one bed...
just reminded me of what we did years back; when we were young.
how i miss that moment.

the last week had gone
this week is tough
seriously tough
i hope i can handle everything
before i fly back to plymouth.

around 6 am

melinsung summer bay resort, papar.

semoga jodoh dan rezeki sentiasa ada.amin.

Monday, August 1, 2011

.cik ramadhan.

first day of ramadhan
major headache
danish the-one-year-old-nephew suddenly becomes so active
i became his kuda for the day
whenever i said 'stop!' he laughed and created chaos in the house
from playing milky-rain to tabur-rice all over the house
i think im gonna eat him.
quite challenging to be honest.
nasib baik budakbudak adalah comel.kalo tidak...

ouh btw...the smell of maggi kari and something-masak-belacan in the afternoon is soooo yummmeyhh! tengoklaa..tunggu turn saya masak tgh ari pulak k. we'll see. =p