Monday, July 18, 2011

.that moment when you take the picture without me looking.

between shopping and you
i sometimes choose the former
did you remember when we went into that scented shop?
i was browsing and talking with the salesgirl
and after some times then i realised you were left alone
you said 'im okay' but your face said 'should i just stand here or should i follow you or should i get out from this shop or should i do my own thing??'
then when we went into that "shoezone"
you were smiling at me when i said 'i want to try some'
i was asking lots of question
and i know you were trying your best to say something
but may be i was asking too much until you lost the words.
then i kinda ignored you and seeking for attention from the salesgirl
once again you make the should-i-just-stand-here-or-should-i-follow-you-or-should-i-get-out-from-this-shop-or-should-i-do-my-own-thing face.
though you not know much about the woman-stuff  you are still the good shopping-partner.ehe.

carlo rino and vincci are waiting for you darl.wheres the money in ur pocket?hahahihihohohuhu.ok.kidding.hihok.



jenJENn said...

oh. begini pulak kau treat si ejul yah. hbs hancur dompet dia.
bagus kau ni. bagusbagusbagus. ahahaaaa

ana rama said...

hhaahahhahaa..mna da sy bakal bini yg berwibawa ok.=p