Saturday, July 2, 2011

"so you think you can cook"

As a 22 y.o. lady, I have to push myself to contribute something in the kitchen.
So here it is..
A little something for my family: daging masak younameit.
Watching ‘Got to Dance UK’ with my 4 y.0. niece.
I accidentally said (more to screamed actually) ‘woooo’ coz the dance is quite mesmerizing
my niece imitated me 
after tat she said ‘auntie..kita macam anjing kan.’= ="



Ibrahim Ismail said...

‘auntie..kita macam anjing kan.’

I like the punchline. Like, seriously!

Ps. Is it possible to make a pop-up comment? (I did once but I forgot how to so I couldn't really tell you) It's hard to deviate back and forth while reading. :(

ana rama said...

i tried once.but failed..will try again l8.thanks btw.=)

Lan said...

daging masak younameit? go daging masak ramarama

ana rama said...

cool!but i cook daging.not ramarama.

Lan said...

yala , nama masakan tu kasi tukar "daging masak ramarama"

ana rama said...

ya baaa..i got it.mengencang jgk.haha