Thursday, July 14, 2011

.i wish i have another 'next time'.

here's the situation
You are broke.
you don't have food to eat
you are sick
you desperately need money to buy medicine
and you really need a doctor
but the only precious thing you have is one penny in your pocket.
and then somebody rich and famous wants to give you a large sum of money
yet you have to come to his place at 2 am.
there's no next time.
you take it or you lose it.

on that particular day
you forgot about it
you sleep at 10  pm
and when you wake's already 5 in the morning.
there's no point to regret about what had happened.
what's gone is gone.

selamat menyambut nisfu syaaban.



Azree Yusof said...

Wah, cik rama regret on something ka? Hehe. Kalo sakit jumpa saja doktor. Diorg baik2.. Saje singgah sini tgk kawan lama ni sihat lg ke x? Haha

ana rama said...

haha.i dunno what you are thinkin about.but surely i won't regret letting go something which is not precious.haha. doing good here.alhamdulillah.

eh wait.did i just wrote doctor in this post??gosh!i forgot that somebody akan terasa.haha.funny.