Sunday, July 24, 2011

.i smiled.he didn't.

i have never met pelanduk in my life
i wish i have
yesterday my wish was granted
i met this pelanduk-dua-serupa
i thought he was my maktab-met
so i gave him a smile and tried to say 'hi!'
he gave me this should-i-smile-or-should-i-not look
then there's this one girl suddenly grabbed him and mumbled in chinese
i know his gf..but that's not her.
and my friend is pindik2 tagap.but this pelanduk is tall.
deymmm! wrong person.
malu tauk.

my sister laughed.
i thought you were flirting.


Lan said...

rama si flirt~

ana rama said...

i'm NOT forgodsake!

Ibrahim Ismail said...

I thank God I always greeted the right person. haha

ana rama said...

ur turn will come! haha