Friday, July 8, 2011

"budi bahasa budaya kita" -bunyinya tidak ngam-

msia has lots and lots and lotsssss of campaigns. one of 'em is 'budi bahasa budaya kita'. you still remember that one? sure you remember kan.harihari dalam tv kot.

even though we have this campaign since last few years, i don't understand why some ppl still give their annoying faces to their customers especially in the supermarket/ shopping mall (no offence).

recently i went to this supermarket. and a cashier rudely said this to an old lady:
"pegi laa ba tanya orang di belakang sana!"

i went to this famous shopping mall in sabah and when i said i'm just browsing, she gave me this jelingan-maut-minta-penampar. maigod! i straight away keluar.

then, at another place, i heard this: "jangan pegang-pegang kalau xmau beli."
i was like..what??next time you should put this "do not touch.just grab it and bring it to the cashier"

annddd this one i can't tolerate. i was soooo interested with the product and asked her about it. but guess what??she ignored me and was busily chitchatting about ouh-i-don't-have-any-boyfriend-you-are-so-lucky-to-have-one-so-tell-me-about-your-love-life.ya ampunn..can you save that story for lunch time?

so that's it.

hey...i think, this is the disadvantage of having lotsa campaigns laa. when ppl are bombarded with campaigns, they dont know which one they should put into action. why don't we take one step at a time?  (ok.sukahatiakuseja)



Lan said...

ini kira bebel kan rama?

ana rama said...

eyh.aku mna pandai membebel mcm ko.ehe.

Lan said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mengaku sjak laaaa

ana rama said...