Sunday, July 24, 2011

.i smiled.he didn't.

i have never met pelanduk in my life
i wish i have
yesterday my wish was granted
i met this pelanduk-dua-serupa
i thought he was my maktab-met
so i gave him a smile and tried to say 'hi!'
he gave me this should-i-smile-or-should-i-not look
then there's this one girl suddenly grabbed him and mumbled in chinese
i know his gf..but that's not her.
and my friend is pindik2 tagap.but this pelanduk is tall.
deymmm! wrong person.
malu tauk.

my sister laughed.
i thought you were flirting.

Friday, July 22, 2011

.family getaway 3.

kenny's twin meal: drumstick & wings/ vanilla muffin/ white coffee

kak sand n her liyana/ mak and her rama_ana

cigu bi and cigu maths

Thursday, July 21, 2011

.family getaway 2.

.kak sand and mak.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

.family getaway.

within a few hours, i'll be in kk.
mak indirectly said do u want to pack the whole house and stuff 'em in the luggage??


Monday, July 18, 2011

.that moment when you take the picture without me looking.

between shopping and you
i sometimes choose the former
did you remember when we went into that scented shop?
i was browsing and talking with the salesgirl
and after some times then i realised you were left alone
you said 'im okay' but your face said 'should i just stand here or should i follow you or should i get out from this shop or should i do my own thing??'
then when we went into that "shoezone"
you were smiling at me when i said 'i want to try some'
i was asking lots of question
and i know you were trying your best to say something
but may be i was asking too much until you lost the words.
then i kinda ignored you and seeking for attention from the salesgirl
once again you make the should-i-just-stand-here-or-should-i-follow-you-or-should-i-get-out-from-this-shop-or-should-i-do-my-own-thing face.
though you not know much about the woman-stuff  you are still the good shopping-partner.ehe.

carlo rino and vincci are waiting for you darl.wheres the money in ur pocket?hahahihihohohuhu.ok.kidding.hihok.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

.a major turn off when you go shopping.

"Welcome to _ _ _ _ _ _we have lots of promotion today. so what are you searching for?is it for hantaran?" searching for a gift.

"ouh..we have tis one with perfume, lotion bla bla bla...this perfume is also's EDT so its long lasting la bla bla bla this lotion is verry's verry soft and it smells nice."

smile.nod.trying to reach another product.

"ok..this one is awesome you know.this is the latest perfume here..its very soft and the packaging is catchy bla bla bla bla."

ouh.ok.i got it.let me browse first. smiling.

"yeah.yeah.of course you can.ok so this one is shower's very can ignore the perfume once you use this because bla bla bla bla bla bla."

ok.ok..i thiiink i can browse alone.
walking to another section.
no more more nodding.

"ok.this one is for men.bla bla bla bla bla bla bla"

urrggggh..can you just leave me alone and stop talking for a while?? (dlm hati seja)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

.i wish i have another 'next time'.

here's the situation
You are broke.
you don't have food to eat
you are sick
you desperately need money to buy medicine
and you really need a doctor
but the only precious thing you have is one penny in your pocket.
and then somebody rich and famous wants to give you a large sum of money
yet you have to come to his place at 2 am.
there's no next time.
you take it or you lose it.

on that particular day
you forgot about it
you sleep at 10  pm
and when you wake's already 5 in the morning.
there's no point to regret about what had happened.
what's gone is gone.

selamat menyambut nisfu syaaban.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"next to you justin bieber" auwww or euwww

somebody asked 'who's your favourite artist?'

she answered 'JUSTIN BIEBER'

my spontaneous and accidental response was: 'EUUUWWWW'

so sorry..i can't help it coz 'justin bieber' and 'euwww' are inseparable.

but hey..'next to you' is awesome though.he looks manly beside the chris brown.auwww
 next to you chris brown feat justin bieber


of brown high heels and nothing else (part 2)

i was searching for it
i couldn't find it.
mum said don't think about it much. nah! a new heels for you.
i said no without even look at it.
i'm dissapointed
i want my brown heels back!
for all this time, i'm taking care of it
i wipe it gently and put it in a box
and secure it in my room before i fly to plymouth
but when i return home, it's not there.
can you imagine how i feel??


ini cerita real.but part 1 and part 2 are slightly different. aih complicated.
of brown high heels and nothing else part 1

Saturday, July 9, 2011


buletin 1.30 :
'...perhimpunan haram bla bla bla.'

berita terkini (4 pm):
'perhimpunan haram bla bla bla...pihak media prima termasuk sy sendiri telah di baling dgn barang2 bla bla bla...mereka memperkatakan sesuatu yg tidak diketahui butir perkataannya bla bla...' (di ulang sebanyak 4 ke 5 kali.serious!)

buletin utama 8.00 pm : 'perhimpunan haram bla bla bla..'
buletin utama 8.15pm: 'kita beralih kepada berita koperasi sebelum memberikan berita lebih lanjut mengenai perhimpunan haram bla bla bla....'
buletin utama 8.20pm: 'perhimpunan haram bla bla bla'
buletin utama 8.45 pm: 'beralih kepada berita sukan bla bla bla'

kalaulah PERHIMPUNAN HARAM tu nama orang, confirm dialah orang terpaling terfamous sekali di dunia.

ouh btw..agak2 berapa bayaran yg tivitiga dapat?


Friday, July 8, 2011

"budi bahasa budaya kita" -bunyinya tidak ngam-

msia has lots and lots and lotsssss of campaigns. one of 'em is 'budi bahasa budaya kita'. you still remember that one? sure you remember kan.harihari dalam tv kot.

even though we have this campaign since last few years, i don't understand why some ppl still give their annoying faces to their customers especially in the supermarket/ shopping mall (no offence).

recently i went to this supermarket. and a cashier rudely said this to an old lady:
"pegi laa ba tanya orang di belakang sana!"

i went to this famous shopping mall in sabah and when i said i'm just browsing, she gave me this jelingan-maut-minta-penampar. maigod! i straight away keluar.

then, at another place, i heard this: "jangan pegang-pegang kalau xmau beli."
i was like..what??next time you should put this "do not touch.just grab it and bring it to the cashier"

annddd this one i can't tolerate. i was soooo interested with the product and asked her about it. but guess what??she ignored me and was busily chitchatting about ouh-i-don't-have-any-boyfriend-you-are-so-lucky-to-have-one-so-tell-me-about-your-love-life.ya ampunn..can you save that story for lunch time?

so that's it.

hey...i think, this is the disadvantage of having lotsa campaigns laa. when ppl are bombarded with campaigns, they dont know which one they should put into action. why don't we take one step at a time?  (ok.sukahatiakuseja)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


when you want to say 'yes!' but your mouth have to say 'no!'..
it me.

skin, please be nice to me.
coz i really want to meet my soulsisters without u hurting me.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

"so you think you can cook"

As a 22 y.o. lady, I have to push myself to contribute something in the kitchen.
So here it is..
A little something for my family: daging masak younameit.
Watching ‘Got to Dance UK’ with my 4 y.0. niece.
I accidentally said (more to screamed actually) ‘woooo’ coz the dance is quite mesmerizing
my niece imitated me 
after tat she said ‘auntie..kita macam anjing kan.’= ="