Monday, June 27, 2011

.the story of 2nd 3rd and 4th sistah.

27th bday but only one candle??we didnt like the idea of blowing candles. we put that only-one candle for the sake of my nephew yg sukaaaa betull ngn candle atas cake.after he satisfied then we removed it.such a long wait.==

my 3rd sis(kak sand) and I planned a surprised bday party for my 4th sis today.
i called my 2nd sis and asked her to bring her children and join us.she's at work at that time.
few hours later she called my 4th sis and asked her what did we cook for the party
then my 4th sis said 'party?what party?kak sand masak mcm besa ja laa.'
after that my 2nd sis thought i was just joking.haish haish..
end up, she didn't turn up for the party and told me she will bring my adam and ika next time.
my bad for not explaining to her thoroughly.

anyway..the oreo cheesecake is suuuuuuperrrrbb!!!nyummeh!



Ibrahim Ismail said...

It's so sweet of you! The last time we threw a birthday party was last year. Everybody seemed busy lately. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to your sis, anyway.

Ps. We don't like the idea of blowing the candles either. Apart from a (unreliable) religious view, I don't like to imagine the explosion of bacteria on the top of the cake.

ana rama said...

hahaa..thats why.with 'unnecessary' saliva lagi.hihi
thanks for your wish btw.