Monday, June 13, 2011

.red is roses.roses are gorgeous.

After two years living in the uk,
this is the second time I bought fresh flowers.
anddd....this is the very FIRST time I bought roses.
coz suddenly I found it beautiful
and attractive
and amusing.

so what's the purpose of buying fresh flowers??
they can help to ease your mind after hours and hours and hours of doing the assignments.tipu.

oh..btw, never in my life ppl bought me a bouquet of fresh flowers.
may be sometimes after 32/13/2011??



jenJENn said...

ada org penah belikan aku kinda 1bouquet la jgk..
tapi lastlast dia bagi aku 1seja. sbb dia malu.
hahahahahaaa.... tp aku x suka dia jd 1st guy to giv me rose. huhu

ana rama said...

hahaaha..asikaa terus bg satu seja.

jenJENn said...

hahahaaa sbb nnt org tau dia belikan tuh utk aku. ahahaaa