Friday, June 17, 2011

can i keep a secret?

first of all..i would like to tell you that this ain't kinsella's story.

This happened a few hours ago.
A stranger approached me
and i tried to be friendly
so i said something just to make the conversation not that awkward
when i was about to give a polite-laugh
suddenly the stranger burst into tears
and i feel bad about myself but i have no idea what the heck i said a minute ago.

i was speechless
i said nothing but...'i'm sorry'
and i can't think any reasons of saying it
then suddenly the stranger told me his secret..
a very biiiiig and personal secret of him which i didn't know how to respond to it.
even worst...he told me: 'you are the only one who knows this. can you keep my secret?' (that's my least favourite line ever!i would rather be the second person.seriously!)

and..that's when the stranger is no longer a stranger..coz his secret now becomes MY secret.
it's not just a 'i-farted-two-minutes-ago' secret. it's life&death punya secret.

i can choose not to believe him though...but i know the person in the i choose to believe him.coz i can sense that he's telling the truth.

the question is...can i really keep a secret?


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