Thursday, June 30, 2011

dear assignment,

thank you sooo much for accompanying me tis one whole week
it's such an amazing feeling as you never leave me alone
you always stuck in my mind and make me feel guilty whenever i,m indulging myself with movies and games and chitchatting (soosweeett)
so've gone.
i know it's hard to bid farewell for i'm not treating you well
i'm sorry sorry sorry Naega naega naega meonjeo Nege nege nege ppajyeo Ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby (haish.blame my sister for she's sooo into korea nowadays.haishhaishhaish)
even so, i hope you are doing good in front of tracey and mike.
gebye my dear assignment.
see you next term.



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

too old to play in the rain?

it's raining.
i love it.
want to play and stand out in the rain
but people might say 'she's goin nuts'
so i pretend to pick something outside the house
just so the rain will give his gentle touch.

Dear Mr. Rain,
please come again tomorrow. will you?


Monday, June 27, 2011

.the story of 2nd 3rd and 4th sistah.

27th bday but only one candle??we didnt like the idea of blowing candles. we put that only-one candle for the sake of my nephew yg sukaaaa betull ngn candle atas cake.after he satisfied then we removed it.such a long wait.==

my 3rd sis(kak sand) and I planned a surprised bday party for my 4th sis today.
i called my 2nd sis and asked her to bring her children and join us.she's at work at that time.
few hours later she called my 4th sis and asked her what did we cook for the party
then my 4th sis said 'party?what party?kak sand masak mcm besa ja laa.'
after that my 2nd sis thought i was just joking.haish haish..
end up, she didn't turn up for the party and told me she will bring my adam and ika next time.
my bad for not explaining to her thoroughly.

anyway..the oreo cheesecake is suuuuuuperrrrbb!!!nyummeh!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

.goda-goda for sale.

went to sunday market this morning..
we were planning to go there at 6 am..
but somebody woke up late. *ehem!
we walked there coz the main plan was to exercise and get sweat
and yeah..i sweat like hell..mission accomplished!

in one of the stalls, there's this funny macik who wrote 'GODA-GODA'
i was like...what the heck is goda-goda?new invented food ka?
then mak said 'gado-gado ba tu' are epic macik!

*gadogado from google*


Friday, June 24, 2011

hello mr. jet lag, when shall I say gebye?

sleep in the morning
wake up at nite.
jet lag is not cool.

btw mak surprised me by cleaning up my room today.
'mcm bilik pengantin' i said
then my neighbour who happened to visit us that afternoon said 'tak pa lah.tak lama lagi kan.'
err...i didn't apply blusher, did i?

ok..should force myself to sleep now.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

.thank you for your time mr.

seat belt please.

"looking chubby coz i'm closer to the camera"says my mr-in-white.okok we got it.=p
hey, rama..whats with the tired face. =.=

thanks for being my tour guide in kk for a day.
book a ticket to tawau a.s.a.p. plz..coz i also need a tour guide here.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

.quick update from kkia. now i'm in kkia (kotakinabaluinternationalairport)
after having a quick breakfast with my cigu maths,
we rushed to the airport coz we thought we were extremely utterly late
but suddenly my flight is delayed from 1.15 to 1.40
frust betul.

btw..i manage to do some quick shopping in kk.weehuuuu!!
miss carlo rino..u are soooo 1 free 1 ok! who on earth doesn't want it??! please wait for me..i have to use the money for something else first.please please please don't let other ppl grab you.

ba.calling suda.gebye kk!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

.i'm leaving.take care people.

dear my sweetroom,

i have hoovered you
and made you clean without dust and dirt.
but i won't be sleeping with you tonight
coz i'm off to london before leaving on a jet plane to msia the next day.
i'm totally nervous right now
nervous for no reason.crap!
if people have stage fright, i have a different kind of fright; 'plane' fright.
and i tell's nooot cool.
because of this fright, i have to visit the toilet like sooomanytimess
coz i have this weird stomachache which will only cure after i have safely landed.
hope everything's gonna be ok.
pray for our safety.

ouh malaysia! we're goin to meet again after almost a year we didn't see each other.

gebye my sweetduvet.gebye my sweetroom.take care marjon. enjoy the summer without me. =.=
3months!im goin to miss u!definitely!


Friday, June 17, 2011

can i keep a secret?

first of all..i would like to tell you that this ain't kinsella's story.

This happened a few hours ago.
A stranger approached me
and i tried to be friendly
so i said something just to make the conversation not that awkward
when i was about to give a polite-laugh
suddenly the stranger burst into tears
and i feel bad about myself but i have no idea what the heck i said a minute ago.

i was speechless
i said nothing but...'i'm sorry'
and i can't think any reasons of saying it
then suddenly the stranger told me his secret..
a very biiiiig and personal secret of him which i didn't know how to respond to it.
even worst...he told me: 'you are the only one who knows this. can you keep my secret?' (that's my least favourite line ever!i would rather be the second person.seriously!)

and..that's when the stranger is no longer a stranger..coz his secret now becomes MY secret.
it's not just a 'i-farted-two-minutes-ago' secret. it's life&death punya secret.

i can choose not to believe him though...but i know the person in the i choose to believe him.coz i can sense that he's telling the truth.

the question is...can i really keep a secret?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

.since last 3 weeks.

"I don't know what will happen if you get a snoring man as your husband." that's funny.even if it's a bit sarcastic.but hey, that's an improvement. now you really can crack a joke. haha..can't stop thinking about it.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

.doodle then giggle.

having mike's class from 9-12.30 in one go is soooo exhausting.
and this is the best remedy for the sleepiness:
precious art from me,imma and ika.=)

p/s: imma ckp sy pandai melukis.hahahihihohohuhu.

sy tau dia tipu.hukhuk


Monday, June 13, 2011

.red is roses.roses are gorgeous.

After two years living in the uk,
this is the second time I bought fresh flowers.
anddd....this is the very FIRST time I bought roses.
coz suddenly I found it beautiful
and attractive
and amusing.

so what's the purpose of buying fresh flowers??
they can help to ease your mind after hours and hours and hours of doing the assignments.tipu.

oh..btw, never in my life ppl bought me a bouquet of fresh flowers.
may be sometimes after 32/13/2011??


Thursday, June 9, 2011

.ramadana. the new drama series??

From facebook to blogspot to classroom to everywhere
it seems like everybody is talkin about nora elena.
i first discovered (ceh discover kunun) about nora elena in facebook
somebody post a status by simply wrote 'Nora Elena =)'
and i was like...what a nice name. i thought it's her friend's name.
then suddenly lotsa ppl post the same name.
and i started to wonder..who on earth is Nora Elena???
then one of my friends mentioned about it too
and she told me that it's a new series in tv3 with the hero called seth tan.
i was laughing like hell. 'knp jgk pakai nama setan?'
i thought it's a comedy
rupanyaa romantic drama series.
nowadays kan the malay drama always use names for the for example, adamaya, nora elena etc.
i'm waiting for 'ramadana' to be used as a title so that i can say 'woahh..tat's my name!tat's my name!'. sounds desperate. =.=


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

.tell the world i'm coming home.

in not more than 2 weeks,
i'll be in kotakinabalu-tawausabah, malaysia.
but where on earth is my excitement??
gone with the assignments i guess.
ouh ideas...please please be nice to me
don't play hide and seek
and don't just go with the wind
coz i desperately want you.


Friday, June 3, 2011

why cosmetic surgery is a BIG no-no

A 55 year old woman heard a voice from above boom out 'You will live to be one hundred.'

That must be the voice of God, she thought to herself; that means I have another 45 years left.

So went off to see the cosmetic surgeon and had everything fixed from head to toe - face lift, breast implants,tummy tuck, the complete works.

But then, as she left hospital after the extensive surgery, she was hit by a bus and killed.

She then asked God 'You told me I would live up to be a hundred.  That meant I had another 45 years.  Why did you let that bus kill me?'

'Sorry' said God, 'I didn't recognize you.'

taken from the Book of Senior Jokes


Thursday, June 2, 2011

dear teachers,

As a teacher, you can't easily burst into tears when the students say
'I don't want you to teach us.'
'What the heck are you talkin about?we don't even understand it.'

As a teacher, you have to accept criticism as well as make positive changes based on the critics like for example
'Her (the teacher) heels doesn't match her clothes.she looks rather odd on it.'
'Her outfit is sooo yesterday. And her eyeshadow..gosh!does she even know how to apply it?'
'She teaches us pronunciation??why on earth should we learn about it? Nonsense! It won't come out in the exam btw!'

As a teacher, you have to know your responsibilities.You can't simply say this:

'Ok class...Go to page 175 in your textbooks.  Read all the paragraphs and answer all the 50 questions given.You have to finish it before the bell rings. I have something else to do so i have to leave now.' 

anddd....all of the are found in the cafe, having a plate of delicious nasi goreng and sambal belacan and gossiping with the macik cafe.omaigad!your students are soo going to say 'gotcha!'

As a teacher, you have to know how to deal with the low level and high level students. You can't ask your form 1 low level students:
'Why do you think the gov. increase the price of sugar in our country? I want you to write 3000 words essay and hand it in tomorrow.'

and asking the high level form 5 students this question is quite a no-no:
'i want you to spell 'apple' 

As a teacher, we are not merely a noun, we have to be the verb. Being called a teacher is easy.  But  teaching needs more than a lil hardwork.


sue the gorgeous cleaner on earth!

Done with the shower, I went downstairs for breakfast.
then i saw sue (the ever gorgeous-hardworking-friendly cleaner) and another cleaner was talking about something
when they saw me, the another-cleaner told me

'You know what.I'm sooo busy coz I have lots of houses to clean.I forgot to clean your bathroom.'

then i realised, sue told her that the bathroom is not being cleaned like ages. (exaggerating)
i just said 'ok'
then she looked at me like she was expecting another answer
what??do you want me to say 'it's alright.i know you are so damn can't even mop the floor and wipe the dust.coz you don't want to miss the latest gossip while sipping a cup of coffee.'????

after that sue told her that she should vacuum the stairs and wipe the stove and clean the sink.
then she said 'yes.yes.yes.i will.'
but again..she tried to defend herself by putting the blame on us

'ouh young lady..i can't do the hoovering coz you know you put your shoe-rack there on the stairs so i'm afraid if i fall's not a good idea to put it there.'

when she said this, sue winked at me and make the 'duh!' face.
i almost laughed
yet i said 'so?do you mean that i have to put the shoe-rack upstairs?'
she replied 'yeah.yeah.(and she repeated the i'm-afraid-if-i-fall-down sentence again)'
i was like..'ok2.will sort it out l8'
then she went out coz i guess somebody named Calvin called her
Sue then told me 'why do you say you want to sort it out??it's her job, sweetheart.'
sue is soo she voluntarily cleaned our house. ouh..terharunya terharunya terharunyaaa!