Sunday, May 15, 2011

.when you are 'sobsob'-ing...the other person is 'haha'-ing.

so why don't you start haha-ing and stop those sobsob-ing? coz you are just making yourself look weak and vulnerable.and it's not cool.

i know it's hard to accept changes
and to deal with 'em is like the whole world is against you (cliche' enough??)
especially when you don't want any changes happen
and you really want everything to stay that way
and ever.

it feels like yesterday you asked me how worried you are with the current situation
you asked me how to deal with the distance
how to stay calm
how to shoo the insecurity
you asked lots of hows
yet surprisingly i still can answer 'em.

but currently
you ask completely higher order questions
i leave 'em blank
coz i lost the words to answer your questions
i suddenly don't know how to arrange the sentences
for i have no idea what's happening here
and whats goin on between you, you and you.

so dear friend,
please..i beg you.
go on with your life
coz sometimes there's someone who doesn't deserve your tears.


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