Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SECOND LANGUAGE IN MALAYSIA (aih..macamsoalanasenmensejani)

Have you ever realised that we, the Malaysians, have a very good English?? you don't have to do the tgn-ke- dada-mata-ke-atas (sentaphatimaknak) thingy coz i'm serious! see these for examples:

the orang puteh say 'Whassat?'
the malaysians say 'what is that?'

the orang puteh say 'u arite?'
the malaysians say 'are you alright?'

the orang puteh say 'wheyegoin?'
the malaysians say 'where are you going?'

the orang puteh say 'she's goinwithim'
the malaysians say 'she's going with him'

the orang puteh say 'tengkie'
the malaysians say 'thank you'

the orang puteh say 'seeya la'er'
the malaysians say 'see you later'

we even pronounce the words one by one unlike the orang puteh who combine the words into ONE word. even though sometimes we sound very formal (and boring), but still people can easily understand what we say (hopefully).

but hey, don't you think being too formal sometimes is not cool? may be we don't realise it when we talk in our second lang. let's do it in our mother tongue then.
just imagine a person comes to you and says:
'hai.siapakah nama anda?'
'anda nak pergi ke mana?'
'dia telah pergi berkelah bersama teman-temannya. adakah anda ingin ikut sama?'

haish..tidak cool.mcm dlm buku teks seja kan.
(may be thats what the English think about us when we use formal english.oopss.terpercik ke muka sendiri.)

P/S: this is not applicable to all malaysia citizens.



Shazmiey Abdurahman said...

aku stuju dengan pendapatmu.hihi..

cik chinta said...

betul jugak tu. nampak skema pla cakap camtu..=D

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Been working on spoken grammar vs written grammar as well.

ana rama said...

shazmiey----alhamdulillah nak.baguslaa kalo begitu.

cikchinta---skema yg comel kan.erk =.="

incik ibrahim ismail---good luck! =)