Saturday, May 28, 2011

.dear men...ineedyourhelp.

buying men's stuff is soooo hard
i don't have lots of choices
i think the flowery pattern shirt is damn nice
but i don't think the man would like it
i want to buy this gadgets stuff
but i don't know how to choose...and what to choose
plus..i don't like gadgets.
so end up i bought these men shirts coz i thought they would suit 'im
yet when i reached home and unpacked all my shopping stuffs
i suddenly realised the men shirts are gorgeously beautiful!
so i take 'em and will definitely wear 'em.
sorry my man.
will find something else for you.

p/s do you have any idea what and where to buy the men stuffs?



Lan said...

buruk siku~

ana rama said...

laa..buruk ka..bah.aku cek dulu.

Lan said...

kau mau ka belikan aku hadiah dari sana? hehe

ana rama said...

telampau mahal ba pompuan british.x terbeli aku.

Lan said...


what makes u think I wanted british women?!

rama rama~~