Monday, April 18, 2011

.it's official.

when ppl say that the humans will never feel satisfied of what they have,
it is true indeed
in my case..i love sunshine
during winter, i'm waiting for the sun to shine
but now...winter has gone
spring has come
and the sun shines brightly
i should be grateful
but instead i'm kind of mourning.

it's not because the sunshine that i'm mourning
it's because i'm still not used to this place
there's nothing wrong with the new house actually
i love the surroundings
the lake
the pokok-besar
the birds chirping
the not-so-cool and not-so-hot spring weather
everything seems almost-perfect for me.
yet the combination of sunshine...the pokok-besar-depan-rumah-saya...the chirping of birds..and the windy spring weather..are just perfect to make me feel a lil homesick.
and the feeling is sooooo not cool i tell you.

so's official
that i'm no more associated with h.14.
gebye pokok-depan-rumah-saya
cheerio pokok-besar-depan-rumah-saya.
please please be nice to us.

and guys..if you wish to tell me something creepy about the new house
please please just keep it and let it be your precious secret which you won't tell anybody especially me.
can we make a deal?please?



Ibrahim Ismail said...

I want to see the pictures NOW! Hahaha. Last time I was bedazzled by the red tree, now.. the lake and the huge treess... that's what I always imagine if I go to Europe!

ana rama said...

ac2ly i was about to upload the pic last time.
but sadly the line here is soooo annoyingly slow.huhu..i'll try to update the pics soon.=)