Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what are words?

words are like precious gems in assignments
without a word, you will leave the microsoft office word blank
which is..yeaaah..not a nice view to see
with a word...you will start to form more words and more sentences
from one word..it will become 1000 words
then 2000 words
and just when you start to feel excited,
the words suddenly become 6000 
where eventually you have to delete some of them
so that you won't exceed the limit given.
that's when the precious gems become useless thrash.

hey, i haven't finished my assignments yet
4 hours for freaking 120 words for introduction???
what the heck?!
i should tidur now.


Monday, April 25, 2011


your relationship status has distracted me so much
it's been almost a week
and i can't help myself thinking about it
why this happened at first place?
is it because of him?
or it's you who make it happened?

i might sound selfish
but please go back to him
so i won't feel insecure.

oh crap!

and to you,
i won't talk about this again when i call you
coz it will only make things worst
but don't blame me if i break my promise
coz i'm only a girl
who easily feel insecure
over something
which ppl will consider as nonsense.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

.of assignments, wedding day and kelambu.kelambu???=.=

jen posted this video on my fb wall..i was like...tis is sooo sooo sweet man.
and i think of doing it someday....definitely!
emmm..i mean..definitely MAY BE.
gila! teda keja ka...
dah laa assignments betimbun
dunno when i'll finish 'em all.fuh!

may be i'll do it someday before my wedding day..
eyh..i mean the taking pictures-thingy
not the assignment.
definitely laa asignments have to be done before my wedding day kan.
eyh..what nonsense i'm talking about???crap!

haish haish haish apa ba nie cerita kawin2..komonlaa..
nie mesti effect kelambu nie.

adoi.ok laa.bai.

p/s: thank you soooo sooo much guys for coming to our housewarming party.
love u all sooo soo much.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

.new look.

pokok-besar-depan-rumah-saya is not that big actually
but it is bigger than the expokok-depan rumah-saya
i love to stare at it every morning while having my breakfast
i'm waiting for autumn coz i think it will look gorgeous during that season.

dear senior Im, as promised,this is the picture. not that impressive huh.

reading novels in the common room; beside the lake...is just perfect
sipping your hot tea is bliss with the ducklings swimming merrily on the small little lake
or you can just stare, do nothing
and count the blessings that He gives.

the lake behind my house

(did i sound like jenny pang??ok..i admit..i'm a nature lover now.jenny pang, i'm with u!!!)

kawan: x rindu rumah lama?
me: rindu laa.org ckp...ada yg baru yg lama jgn di lupa.


Monday, April 18, 2011

shawl: a big no-no and x senonoh??

i found a blog which really condemn malaysian-women who wear shawl
what's wrong with shawl??
it's also a hijab what..just the same like the square hijab.

to be honest..i had once thought 'knp mesti pakai shawl lilitlilit? menyusahkan!'
then..suddenly i started to wear it coz i thought wearing shawl is cool
it makes you look elegant and fashionable(??) =.="
which is soo wrong coz the shawl doesn't make any difference pun.
sometimes it makes you look more bulat than usual
it's actually depends on how you wear it
it's like 'ukur shawl di muka sendiri' type of thing laa.

on one fine day...i started to realise that my nawaitu is wrong.
totally wrong!
thanks friends for slapping me gently with your words.
she (or should i say they?) didn't give me advice pun
the words just came out from her mouth when we were sharing the same mirror while wearing hijab.
there's nothing wrong with shawl..she said.
it's the people who make shawl looks wrong
as long as you cover what you should cover...then..wearing shawl is totally ok.
it depends on your nawaitu actually.

day by day,
i think i really fall in love with shawl (at least for now)
it's not 100% because of fashion or to look up-to-date
it's because i feel comfortable in it

it takes me about half an hour to wear the square hijab
but for shawl..i can wear it in 15 minutes or so.
it's very useful especially when i'm rushing for class / appointment/ meeting/ dating
some shawls don't need to be ironed
you just take it from the wardrobe and wear it and lilitlilit a bit and tadaaa! you're ready to go!
that's when i realised that pakai shawl lilitlilit is much much easier than the square hijab.

that's my personal opinion
what's yours?


.it's official.

when ppl say that the humans will never feel satisfied of what they have,
it is true indeed
in my case..i love sunshine
during winter, i'm waiting for the sun to shine
but now...winter has gone
spring has come
and the sun shines brightly
i should be grateful
but instead i'm kind of mourning.

it's not because the sunshine that i'm mourning
it's because i'm still not used to this place
there's nothing wrong with the new house actually
i love the surroundings
the lake
the pokok-besar
the birds chirping
the not-so-cool and not-so-hot spring weather
everything seems almost-perfect for me.
yet the combination of sunshine...the pokok-besar-depan-rumah-saya...the chirping of birds..and the windy spring weather..are just perfect to make me feel a lil homesick.
and the feeling is sooooo not cool i tell you.

so now..it's official
that i'm no more associated with h.14.
gebye pokok-depan-rumah-saya
cheerio pokok-besar-depan-rumah-saya.
please please be nice to us.

and guys..if you wish to tell me something creepy about the new house
please please just keep it and let it be your precious secret which you won't tell anybody especially me.
can we make a deal?please?


Friday, April 15, 2011


like a zombee i type this entry
i'm sleepy like hell
yet i'm too tired to wash my face.

the almost-24-hour journey from malaga,spain to plymouth
really makes me tired and dizzy
and hungry.
we arrived in plymouth at 9 am
then i straight away packing my stuffs coz we have to move house
thanks to my friends who willing to lend their hands
i almost finished with the packing-thingy
yet i haven't unpacked my stuffs in the new house.
fuh! i didn't realise that i have lots of stuffs and some of them are just nonsense to keep.

now...i should go to sleep.
i can still feel the tiredness of one-week journey in spain
and now the tiredness is double up with the moving out thingy.
but the former is exciting
the latter is torturing.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

.say 'hola!' to spain. (part 2)

apartmentos terraluna...perfecto!
the bedrooms,
the kitchen
the bathroom
are superb!
cordova is as hot as madrid.
but a lil breezy.
that's good isn't it?

we are going to granada on tuesday.
gonna say hola to al-hambra..
the place that i wish to go since my high school days.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

.say 'hola!' to spain.

feeling like living in malaysia rite now.
with 28 degree C,
we are sweating like hell in Madrid
sunblock and sunglasses are the good combination
oh..and not to forget the lovely straw hat
at least they can help us to avoid sunburn.
though we still get a bit 'tan' because of mr.sunshine.=.=

our first journey is extremely adventurous
i  accidentally left my padlock key inside my hand luggage
and to make things worst,
i left my wallet, my mobile phones, my important stuff and
basically everything inside my hand luggage
the only thing that i hold was my passport and boarding pass.
when i came to the counter check-in, the abg security asked me to open the luggage coz there were liquid inside.
so..i asked him to open it coz i left the key inside.
he tried with sharp tools but he didn't make it
my friends offered to open the luggage by ourselves but he didn't allow us to touch the tools for safety purpose
haish...terok betul.
so...end up i had to pay 25 pounds coz they had to put it in cargo.
feeling extremely homesick, i ran to departure gate with sab coz we were late.
i was crying. but the sunglasses hide my teary-eyed.

it is sab's actually.thanks to her.

the first day in spain is superb!
i love it!
the women are elegant, sexy, SLIM, slim, slim, =.= and model-look
the guy..jgn ckplaa..mmg kena tahan pandangan. hemsem gila!
shopping??say no to it! souvenir bole laa..

tomorrow is our second day
we are going to the next place; Cordova
hopefully everything is going as planned
amin amin amin.
write to u soon.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

.when He knows what to take and what to give.

after about a week struggling with the 'hearing system',
finally He gives me another chance to enjoy the voices of my beloved ones
the laughter of my beloved housemates and friends
the jokes
the stories
the friendly teasing
and not to forget the birds chirping from the pokok-depan-rumah-saya.
it's like i'm a born new me.
and i am grateful for that.

dear housemates,
i'm sorry for acting like a total biatch last week (did i?haha)
actually i didn't mean to
yaaa..i know i should enjoy your jokes (eyh adakah kamu buat jokes?=p)
but it's quite tiring to focus on two things at one time
i couldn't listen and laugh at the same time
you know laa kan..
and girls..sorry for the macamkenatamparsetan face..
now..if you girls want to give me tamparanwanita...you are welcome to do so
sorry again girls.
thanks for trying to make me feel good.=')

haish...i should tell you this personally bah kan.
but u know laa...i pemalu bah. *ehemehem*

dear friends,
thanks for all your support.
i really appreciate it
like really really appreciate it
by saying a simple 'take care', it makes me feel stronger and stronger each day
and by saying 'God bless' you just make me feel blessed.
and by saying 'everything's gonna be ok', you just give me a fresh air to breath
and by accompanying me all the way....you just help me to throw the burden away.

did i sound like the winner of grammy awards?
haha.i'm sorry if i did. hihi.

btw...this is the first present that i received.
and i'm glad that it is from Him.
thank you Lord.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

.dear diary.

when i was 7 years old,
i secretly read my sister's diary.
she's 10 years older than me.
at that time, i didn't know that reading somebody's diary secretly is a big no-no.
i enjoyed reading it by the way
coz she poured everything into words
and it's like she's talking to somebody else.

so from there,
i decided to write my own diary.
i asked mum to buy a cute little princess book.
she bought me one.
i wrote my personal diary secretly.
nobody in my family knew about it
until suddenly my third sister found that book
coz i wrote it in the living room while watching sailormoon
(ok..actually i just wanted to tell my diary tat i'm watching sailormoon yg best =.=)
so..i was totally dead laa.
she read every single words that i wrote loudly in front of my other siblings including my mum n dad
and all of them laughed. (haish)
i snatched that book from her and threw it away.
i decided to stop writing.

until form 1,
i started it again.
this time...i took some precautions.
i would always lock my room when i wanted to write
and i put it safely and neatly in a secret place
and it worked!

i still have one.
i write something that i will never tell anybody.

during my summer hols in m'sia,
i found my sister's diary again
i found out that her husband had read it.

i used to say that i will let my future-husband to read what i wrote (just like what my sister did)
but after i re-read my diary
i made a decision that i won't let him to read it.
i will give it to my future children instead
so that, they will understand what life is through their mama's eyes.


Friday, April 1, 2011

.bukus in the library.

i'm not a fan of 3-day-loan books.
the only exception is this one:

u don't get what i mean??
that's alright.
coz this is a syoksendiritahapmaximum post.