Sunday, March 20, 2011

.run away to BATH.

Having lots and lots of assignments and homework are quite stressful actually.
that's why we decided to plan a trip
and finally we came to this place..tadaaaa!:

yes.bath spa.
luckily, it was sunny day.
so i didn't have to wear tat fat-heavy winter jacket.
btw here are some pictures that i managed to capture:

there are lot more actually.
coz bath is beautiful!
just like rome.
i love the view.i love the building. i love to peek at those elegant ladies and handsome young men.
they are just fashionable.
and i love the street singers this one:

As English literature enthusiasts (quotes from imma),
we made our way to The Jane Austen Centre
it's just a small museum
nothing much inside there
but it's worth it.
I could feel the aura of Mr. Darcy inside the building.=.=

But nothing can beat the experiences when we were in the train.
we started our journey with the smelly-thingy inside the train
which was absolutely not a perfect match for the lovely view outside.
On our way back to Plymouth, the train was delayed
To catch for the next train,  we had to run like nobody business
It's fun!
That's my first time running through the crowd
I was nervous but I couldn't help myself to laugh.
Coz we ran like we had some important meetings to attend
and i couldn't help myself to think about 'The Apprentice'. erkk??=.=

Then, in the last train, we had a cam-whore session.
coz there's like nobody in the train.So unofficially, the train was ours.=)

We enjoyed the freedom just for 30 minutes or so
before the drunken teenagers get into the train and made our journey kind of miserable.
I was really nervous coz they sat right behind me.
started with a silly question like: 'how can you listen to the music with that scarf?'
(coz he saw me wearing headphones)
it then welcomed another questions
and finally became a conversation which ended with: 'have a good night. enjoy your weekend.'

and that's the end of our journey.
oh lovely companions...thank you for the exciting experience!

sunny bath.


tqa said...

best! best!

afy sufy. said...

jeless yo!

eh ehh cik rama pun jadi pmegang tali kuning sda?

ana rama said...

AR: =)

ana rama said...

afy: eh eh eh...itu bukan cik rama tolong pegang seja..huhu

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Jealous. But keep them coming! :))