Sunday, March 6, 2011

perfect lip ice

ini Mentholatum Lip ice sheer colour saya
this is the best lip product ever! ( least for me)
first because it's cheap
second because the colour is neither too pink nor too red (it's just nice)
third because it's the combination of lip balm and lipstick (so save budget laa)
it will moist ur lips and at the same time will give a flattering finish.

i have used this product since form 5 up until now
and it doesn't give any problem to my lips (so far) problem now lip ice suda habbbesss.
if i want to buy it here....i have to abuse my debit card by paying 7 pounds (MYR 35)
pd hal in m'sia i can get it for MYR 12 u know.

eyh...i got one more reason of using this lip ice.
coz i love the commercial:

best kan?? mcm it makes you feel like you're the only girl in the world. (ouhh lame!) =.=



Ibrahim Ismail said...

You make me feel like getting one. Apart from my never ending ulcers, chapped lips are one of the disastrous phenomena.

ana rama said...

you make me feel like a good promoter u know.haha.
u shud run to guardian and get one now!