Monday, March 14, 2011

people people in the world, who's the smartest of them all?

my post this time is serious.
like seriously serious.
very very very serious.

Don't you think that analysing a novel (literature) is a bit too much?

Like some of the authors don't even realise that everything they wrote has an underlying meaning
until the professionals suddenly come forward and make their own interpretations about the novels.

And WE, the students, have to do some critical analysis or whatsoever about the novels as well as the interpretations.

If some people say that those who write fantastic classical novels such as emily bronte and jane austen and mary barton and kazuo ishiguro etc are the smart people

Then, the professionals, who come out with critical essays and interpretations, are smarter than the authors coz they analyse the novels.

But i think, the students who write an assignment and read those novels and critical essays are the smartest. coz they analyse both things.

Don't you think that way?

#pesanan penaja: ini adalah kesan ke-tensionan dlm pembikinan asenmen literature.



Ibrahim Ismail said...

Yes, I do think and BELIEVE that way.

ana rama said...

great minds think alike..ahhaha.

Adib Hitam said...

I was about to post something about this!
Imagine some day in the hereafter, u meet Austen and start talking about her novels.
And then she would reply: 'I aint give a shit, i just wanted to be famous'

ana rama said...

and then we started to tell her the interpretations.
then she was like 'you are brilliant!as in "brilliant" =.=