Thursday, March 31, 2011

.hoping helplessly in the misty morning.

waking up in the misty morning
waiting for  the birds to sing
but they didn't mutter a thing
and suddenly i come to realise
oh, i'm living in a cave now
no wonder i can't listen to the birds chirping
*wiping the tears*

Today is the day
but i'm stuck in my room
hoping helplessly for miracle to come
and take me out from this 'cave'
i want to enjoy the day
but it's getting worst i think
it's not painful but it's stressful
like you know somebody's talking to you
but it's like they are on the other side of the world.
*wiping more tears*

5th of april,
please make haste
i'm begging.
*wiping no more tears.and continue sleeping; hoping for a new day to come.*


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

.an apple a day keeps the doctor away. but i loathe apple, so the doctor keeps blocking my way.

I'm sorry. May be I sound a bit silly..but I just have to ask you, do you smoke?

And...I'm going to sound silly again. Have you ever tried any contraceptives before?

and this will sound silly...again. Did you have sex last night?

I laughed. She laughed

Ok..this is your 'homework' for this one week before your next appointment. 


I took the pamphlet. I read the title: "Your guide to contraception"

It's useful for you in the future. when you get married i mean.

She laughed. I laughed.

I don't see any silly-thingy in her utterances. I know she's just being polite.
plus...she's friendly.
and I wonder...are there any doctors/ nurses like her in malaysia??
may be we do have.
but the chances are slim.

btw the questions she asked have nothing to do with the reason i make the appointment.

and you know that there's a female condom??'s quite expensive. (quotes from the pamphlet)
so i think..u just stick with the male condom lah. offense.i'm just doing my homework.


Monday, March 28, 2011

.the power of paul bently.

Me: Paul, I'm doing Wuthering Heights for the assignment. But I still don't understand what framework actually is. Is it something to do with Lockwood's narrative or what?

Paul: You still don't understand??? Why should I tell you? You are the student and I am the lecturer. So, go find the answer yourself! Who do you think i am??!

Me: erk?? You know what paul...I thought you are the most handsome, sweet, and amiable lecturer in Marjon. But that was before. Now, you ARE NOT! Thousand times NOT! You are like Heathcliff the monster.

Ben: Rama, sabar.Kita kaluar dulu.

Ben: time if situation like this happen again, you should try sarcasm bah. Nah. (she gives me a book called sarkasis)

suddenly i heard the bell ringing. I said, "Ben, kebakarannn!"

and it's actually my alarm clock.
fuh!it seems like i think about you dayandnight, paul.
what a nightmare!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

should i just try the 'counting sheep'??

Give me a king size bed
with thousands of pillows
and a comfortable thick duvet
and a handsome voice for a lullaby...
but when the heart is not stable,
they won't success to force the eyes to sleep,
and the mind to stop thinking.

To have a good night sleep,
i don't ever wish to be a sleeping beauty
for she sleeps like forever.
i just wish my heart to stop being naughty.
and sleep like a beaver.

dear heart,
stop acting like a konnyaku jelly, please.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hush hush

dear people,
could you please wake me up tomorrow?
coz it's already 2 in the morning.
i haven't shut my eyes.
my brain is still wandering.

my sleeping time had passed me by
that's why my brain is going gaga

hush little brain
coz the big body wants to sleep.
hush little eyes
coz the big mouth constantly yawning.

dear people,
could you please wake me up before the sun goes up?


living in a cave??

something's wrong with my right ear.
i can hear the echo of my own voice
and it's annoying actually

i dunno what is wrong
but just now..when i slowly put the cotton bud inside,
it's kind of bleeding.
i need a doctor!
like seriously.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

.run away to BATH.

Having lots and lots of assignments and homework are quite stressful actually.
that's why we decided to plan a trip
and finally we came to this place..tadaaaa!:

yes.bath spa.
luckily, it was sunny day.
so i didn't have to wear tat fat-heavy winter jacket.
btw here are some pictures that i managed to capture:

there are lot more actually.
coz bath is beautiful!
just like rome.
i love the view.i love the building. i love to peek at those elegant ladies and handsome young men.
they are just fashionable.
and i love the street singers this one:

As English literature enthusiasts (quotes from imma),
we made our way to The Jane Austen Centre
it's just a small museum
nothing much inside there
but it's worth it.
I could feel the aura of Mr. Darcy inside the building.=.=

But nothing can beat the experiences when we were in the train.
we started our journey with the smelly-thingy inside the train
which was absolutely not a perfect match for the lovely view outside.
On our way back to Plymouth, the train was delayed
To catch for the next train,  we had to run like nobody business
It's fun!
That's my first time running through the crowd
I was nervous but I couldn't help myself to laugh.
Coz we ran like we had some important meetings to attend
and i couldn't help myself to think about 'The Apprentice'. erkk??=.=

Then, in the last train, we had a cam-whore session.
coz there's like nobody in the train.So unofficially, the train was ours.=)

We enjoyed the freedom just for 30 minutes or so
before the drunken teenagers get into the train and made our journey kind of miserable.
I was really nervous coz they sat right behind me.
started with a silly question like: 'how can you listen to the music with that scarf?'
(coz he saw me wearing headphones)
it then welcomed another questions
and finally became a conversation which ended with: 'have a good night. enjoy your weekend.'

and that's the end of our journey.
oh lovely companions...thank you for the exciting experience!

sunny bath.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

.almost a fairy tale.

She knew nothing. Absolutely nothing! What she knew was..the guy had proposed her once.  She didn't say yes. Yet she wasn't brave enough to say no. She couldn't accept something that happened abruptly.  So everything was left unspoken.  She then led a normal life.

Until one day, everyone seemed to avoid her; even the bus driver! Finally she found out that she was actually the target of threats and slanders from a sister.  But why?? she wondered.  She's being abused verbally; in front of people. She almost cried.  But she hold it.  She's being humiliated.  She almost cursed.  But she hold it.  She tried to digest every single word the sister said.  But she couldn't.  Coz it didn't make sense.  She couldn't even remember any word except 'Don't try to ruin my relationship with him.'
Now she got the hint.  But what had she done?? She didn't even have a date with him.  She didn't even flirt with him. Sighed.  There's no other thing she could do. She decided to move away since everybody looked at her like she's the absolute biatch. Let the time heal everything; she whispered. 

It has been almost 10 years since she left the incident.  It's true indeed that time heals almost everything.
On one fine day, she was drinking hotchoc when she received an invitation from the guy through email. A wedding invitation!  She smiled.  Finally they are getting married.  She smiled again and reread the email. The smiled suddenly disappeared. 
coz that sister is not the bride.

she's thinking..
after all the slanders, the humiliation, and the threats to 'grab' the guy,
the sister ended up not to marry him??
so why did she do such things in the first place?
or just to have fun?

*adaptation from somewhere on earth.

something to avoid during your wedding day huh?


Monday, March 14, 2011

people people in the world, who's the smartest of them all?

my post this time is serious.
like seriously serious.
very very very serious.

Don't you think that analysing a novel (literature) is a bit too much?

Like some of the authors don't even realise that everything they wrote has an underlying meaning
until the professionals suddenly come forward and make their own interpretations about the novels.

And WE, the students, have to do some critical analysis or whatsoever about the novels as well as the interpretations.

If some people say that those who write fantastic classical novels such as emily bronte and jane austen and mary barton and kazuo ishiguro etc are the smart people

Then, the professionals, who come out with critical essays and interpretations, are smarter than the authors coz they analyse the novels.

But i think, the students who write an assignment and read those novels and critical essays are the smartest. coz they analyse both things.

Don't you think that way?

#pesanan penaja: ini adalah kesan ke-tensionan dlm pembikinan asenmen literature.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

.pokok depan rumah saya.

wake up in the morning spring is bliss
for the 'pokok-depan-rumah-saya' never fails to make me smile.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

.seasons are the seasoning of life.

winter is all whitey
spring is flowery
summer is sunny
autumn is windy
sometimes the seasons teach me about life
If winter is followed by spring,
after summer comes winter again.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

.lovely songs 'dirty' lyrics.

after class...
thought of something relaxing sambil hoovering (erkk??)
log on to 'top 100' by jango (the songs played automatically)
first song-----------------fuck you (cee lo green)
click next song-----------what the hell (avril)
click for the next song----i just had sex (akon)
naa...besusun bah.

kwn sy ckp hari tu dia nyanyi songs yg ada curse words buat dia ada ulcer.

jadi kalo harihari laa nyanyi lagu begini mmg makin byklaa ulcer sy tu kan.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

.tie up your left hand and let the right hand make a phone call.

i juz realise this one thing: my hands become soo naughty when i make phone calls.
juz like this one:

i juz realised what my hands had done to my foot when i hang up.

this happened when i called you
talking about experience
past events
and how fast the time flies.
and i offered some advices too
you said i'm like a grown-up
you forgot that you are the one who teach me to be one.

actually i love to talk about life
coz before this
i make you listen to my babbling about heels and dresses a lot
hey don't you think you should talk about football too?
coz i suddenly have the guts to know about manU. >_<  


Sunday, March 6, 2011

perfect lip ice

ini Mentholatum Lip ice sheer colour saya
this is the best lip product ever! ( least for me)
first because it's cheap
second because the colour is neither too pink nor too red (it's just nice)
third because it's the combination of lip balm and lipstick (so save budget laa)
it will moist ur lips and at the same time will give a flattering finish.

i have used this product since form 5 up until now
and it doesn't give any problem to my lips (so far) problem now lip ice suda habbbesss.
if i want to buy it here....i have to abuse my debit card by paying 7 pounds (MYR 35)
pd hal in m'sia i can get it for MYR 12 u know.

eyh...i got one more reason of using this lip ice.
coz i love the commercial:

best kan?? mcm it makes you feel like you're the only girl in the world. (ouhh lame!) =.=


Saturday, March 5, 2011 erkk??

been so busy lately...
with classes
with assignments
with homework
with readings
with discussions
with everything.
 until i think...i should have put aside some time for gossiping and shopping.
 and day dreaming
 and calling my love ones.

we have a new housemate
she's from china
she's a lecturer
so basically she's older than us.
juz now..we brought her around the city centre
she suddenly asked for Plymouth map
and we were like 'map?? we never thought of buying one before.' *laugh*
then..we brought her to waterstones where she finally got one.
there were lots of sale going on in the city
dorothy perkins, next, h&m, new look...pokoknyaa everywhere la.
i asked her whether she likes shopping or not; 
  (just to give a hint tat offers are everywhere 
   and we would like to 'shop till we drop'
   and we want her to join us shopping 
   and we don't want her to feel left out.)
Then she answered 'errrr...i like shopping...'
emmm...the long 'errr' makes me curious though.

then we went to Royal Garden: eat-all-you-can restaurant
and i ate-more-than-i-can
so now...i feel like vomiting.
moral of the story: jangan makan sampai lupa duniaakhirat.

mcm cun seja muntah macam begini kan.maw try laa. *mr. gugel*


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

.a letter to whoever is reading.

dear whoever is reading,
please tell the people that i'm tired of thinking
i don't have much ideas to create a story
i don't have much time to think of excuses
i don't have much energy to keep on running
i need to stop
and stay where i want to stare.

dear whoever is reading,
can you tell this to the people?