Monday, February 21, 2011

living in the uk???

Are you feeling homesick? Are you living in the uk? if the answer is 'Yes', then, you are lucky.
because you feel homesick no more when you see the positive perspectives of living in the uk.
check these out:

1.  You can eat lots and lots and lots of cake, pizza, variety of bread, fries etc. here. coz they are cheap! (as long as you don't convert the pound into ringgit). Even if you are broke, you can still buy cake. coz it's only 1 pound! like this one:

it's only 1 pound. it's yummy, really! go to asda now, and get yourself one.go! (haha)

2.   You are homesick. You think that shopping is the best remedy for your homesickness. But you are jobless. You don't have much money to buy something branded. You are depending on the allowances to buy stuffs. No worries darlings. Coz here, we have charity shops and car-boot sale. You can get cheaper branded stuffs compared to the exclusive shopping mall.   

*mr. google

3.  You don't have to wear sun-block. or apply compact powder 10 times as a result of sweating non-stop (hyperbole gila). Why?? bcoz of the weather.

4. You are the minority in the uk. If you speak using your bahasa melayu, some of the orang puteh have no idea what you are talking about.  Take this situation: you are in the bus with your friend when this conversation happens:

you: weh, kacaknya lelaki sebelah aku ni. macam hans isaac. (letak artis malaysia.sbb dia x kenal)
friend: jap.jap.aku pusing tgk dia.
you: ala...dia tgh mengirim sistem pesanan ringkas dengan teman wanitanya lah. uuu...dia pakai hitam-beri lampu picit. (blackberry torch)
friend: wah...manisnya perempuan lompat pinggang yg baru masuk bas nie. (wah..that hip-hop girl is so sweet)

Although sometimes you have communication breakdown with your friend (due to the skema-ness of your bahasa melayu), but still, both of you can chat without whispering. so, it's something cool to do; which is a no-no in malaysia. but bear in mind, make sure anda x terkantoi. coz i experienced it once in London. Muka pan-asian berlambak here. so, jgn slh cakap ya anak anak.

5. During winter, you can wake up at 7.30 am....and you still can perform subuh prayer not 'subuh gajah'. Towards summer, you can play outside until 9 pm coz you can still see the sunlight.

So...if you think that being in the european country makes you more and more homesick, think again. 
take the positive things of being far away from home and make 'em as a remedy for your homesickness.



tqa said...

haha. betul2..
makan & shopping yg deluan ah? soooo rr~

ana rama said...

haha..ter-deluan ba.

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Homesick? Will feel more homey there than anywhere else! How I wish.

Ps. I was about to ask you whether everything is expensive there (considering the lipbalm for freaking $35 MYR).

ana rama said...

hahaa.renew ur passport then..n come here. =)