Sunday, February 27, 2011

.a date with Mr. Garra Rufa.

why don't you pamper yourself in a foot spa?
let the Garra Rufa fish massage and tickle your feet until you LOL.

it was quite a stressful week for me.
so..i decided to surrender my feet to those fish
and it's worth it i think.
let me share some information about this unique treatment.

the cutey-little-tickly garra rufa fish.

what are the benefits??
the fish nibble away your dry skin
it helps to increase your blood circulation
and leaving you with healthy, rejuvenated skin.

what does it feel like??
okay..seriously it was a little tickly at first!
i couldn't help myself to laugh
(so that's why i recommend this treatment to those who are feeling stress and rasa-mo-bunuh-diri.)
but..towards the feels relaxing...
the tickly-LOL feeling change into a light tingling sensation.'s quite scary to see the fish are all over your feet.
i can't help to think of piranha.
though the siza of garra rufa is slightly smaller.

does it hurt??
absolutely not!
garra rufa have no teeth.

can you catch any diseases??
this is what i was worried about.
but  worry no more...coz these fish cannot transfer any disease to humans.
in the place that i went...
they pre-rinse my feet before the treatment.
to ensure the utmost hygiene, 
the water is sterilized 5 times an hour minimum.

it's a LOL-time.

how much does it cost??
in Soft Soles Foot Spa, Plymouth,
you can get this pampering experience starts at just 10 pounds for 15 minutes/ 20 pounds for 35 minutes.
(aik..mcm promoter pulak.huhu)

that's it.bai.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

.she can smell it.

i was trying to sleep and forget about the world
when suddenly the phone rang.

too tired to pick up the phone
still, i wake up and take it.

when i'm about to pick it up,
it stops ringing.
1 missed call: mak

coz usually at this time, she has been sleeping.

i called her back.
she said,
'mak teringat2. 
dah 3 hari xtelepon jadi mak teleponlaa.
semua ok ka?'

i said everything's ok
i forgot to call u coz i'm busy.

i'm sorry for lying.
coz i don't want this husky voice makes you worry.


Friday, February 25, 2011

.of sunshine and rain.

weather forecast:
it's raining heavily in Plymouth.

in the rain
i receive a letter
i have no words to mutter
for i'm afraid if my word
would become a sword.

though sadness the rain throw,
it washes away the dirt on my window.
and for tomorrow
i don't wish for a colourful rainbow
enough with the sunshine to wipe away my sorrow.

stand still
let the rain swallow the tear
stand still
because the sun will finally appear.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

feel sorry, seriously!

i was reading yours
i can't believe it's happening to you
i feel sorry for you

the humiliation
the rejection
the dissatisfaction
i feel sorry for you

somehow i think
you deserve something better than that
i seriously think that way
coz you are like 'this'
and that thing is like 'that'
'this' and 'that' are different
'this' is for those who are close to you
and 'that' is for those who are more distant from you
it's different rite?
unless you bring that thing closer,
then, it will become 'this'
but it will take time
and you have to be patient.

i won't take your property
and i will try so hard not to touch it
coz i feel sorry for you


Monday, February 21, 2011

living in the uk???

Are you feeling homesick? Are you living in the uk? if the answer is 'Yes', then, you are lucky.
because you feel homesick no more when you see the positive perspectives of living in the uk.
check these out:

1.  You can eat lots and lots and lots of cake, pizza, variety of bread, fries etc. here. coz they are cheap! (as long as you don't convert the pound into ringgit). Even if you are broke, you can still buy cake. coz it's only 1 pound! like this one:

it's only 1 pound. it's yummy, really! go to asda now, and get yourself one.go! (haha)

2.   You are homesick. You think that shopping is the best remedy for your homesickness. But you are jobless. You don't have much money to buy something branded. You are depending on the allowances to buy stuffs. No worries darlings. Coz here, we have charity shops and car-boot sale. You can get cheaper branded stuffs compared to the exclusive shopping mall.   

*mr. google

3.  You don't have to wear sun-block. or apply compact powder 10 times as a result of sweating non-stop (hyperbole gila). Why?? bcoz of the weather.

4. You are the minority in the uk. If you speak using your bahasa melayu, some of the orang puteh have no idea what you are talking about.  Take this situation: you are in the bus with your friend when this conversation happens:

you: weh, kacaknya lelaki sebelah aku ni. macam hans isaac. (letak artis malaysia.sbb dia x kenal)
friend: jap.jap.aku pusing tgk dia.
you: ala...dia tgh mengirim sistem pesanan ringkas dengan teman wanitanya lah. uuu...dia pakai hitam-beri lampu picit. (blackberry torch)
friend: wah...manisnya perempuan lompat pinggang yg baru masuk bas nie. (wah..that hip-hop girl is so sweet)

Although sometimes you have communication breakdown with your friend (due to the skema-ness of your bahasa melayu), but still, both of you can chat without whispering. so, it's something cool to do; which is a no-no in malaysia. but bear in mind, make sure anda x terkantoi. coz i experienced it once in London. Muka pan-asian berlambak here. so, jgn slh cakap ya anak anak.

5. During winter, you can wake up at 7.30 am....and you still can perform subuh prayer not 'subuh gajah'. Towards summer, you can play outside until 9 pm coz you can still see the sunlight.

So...if you think that being in the european country makes you more and more homesick, think again. 
take the positive things of being far away from home and make 'em as a remedy for your homesickness.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

.a priest journey to islam.

first of all...i shall say 'alhamdulillah'
yesterday i went to a talk by Idris Tawfiq; 'A Priest Journey to Islam'
it's a last minute plan actually
coz i didn't even know that he's coming to plymouth to give a talk
plus, i didn't even know him
but..yeah..this is what we call a blessing from God
thanks to amal and wani for giving me the information
i can't say it is a coincidence
because i believe there's nothing coincidence in this world.

I respect his introduction where he said that
'if you are expecting me to criticise the bible or the church, you come to the wrong talk.'
however, some of the audience, started to argue about his past religion
asking inappropriate questions
which i think is not a question at all
they are just trying to challenge him.
honestly, i was extremely nervous when the argument happened
i even had this creepy thoughts....'what if this guy suddenly bomb this place?? and i would die. and i haven't repent. and i still don't have the engagement ring...'=.=

but seriously, he really makes me ponder about my own status as a muslim
am i a muslim just because my religion is islam?
or am i a muslim because i practise islam as a way of life?

renungrenung kan dan selamat beramal. =)

incik idris tawfiq.
taking pic with the malaysians. oopss..the guy in front is not malaysian btw.
*pic taken from aeman.

who is idris tawfiq actually?? click here

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a good day, a good news.

The lady: 'hey, aren't your toes cold?' (her eyes were on the wedges)

the 'me': they WERE cold. but now, they aren't.

the lady smiled.

i smiled too and walked away.

although u don't even realise it,
i shall say thank you for giving me the good news dear lady.
the excitement that i feel makes me immune to the cold weather.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

.not once in a blue moon.

"i know this thing will happen.
and it happens now; on february.
and it will be happen on march, april, and may." happens every month
not only february, march, april and may.
once in a month, you will always be the victim
i'm sorry.
i just can't help it.

*from mr gugel*


Monday, February 14, 2011

.He's the chosen one.

one of the videos that gives an impact straight to my heart.
semoga ia memberi kesan di hati anda anda juga.


p/s: a bit emotional lately. blame my hands for typing those emotional stuffs in here.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

.personal preference.

i love pink
you love blue.

i prefer jeans
you prefer skirts

i do sports
you do music

i'm tempted to cheesecake
you're tempted to chocolate indulgence

i like novels
you like magazines.

we all have different preferences
i will be thankful if you give me a skirt
but don't give me a guitar and expect me to play a song.
i won't force you to love pink
so i expect you not to teach me how to read magazines.
if you want to taste my cheesecake, go ahead.
but don't compare it with your chocolate indulgence
for chocolate indulgence is chocolate
and cheesecake is cheese.

if you get what i mean....


Saturday, February 12, 2011

.when you let anybody in.

the door is wide opened
i didn't expect anyone to come in
not you, or you or you

but suddenly,
one by one come in
including you.
i'm more than happy to welcome everyone.

i literally said, 'make yourself comfortable.'
i give you choices to stay or to make a leave
it's up to you really.
but please,
once you, and you and you and you are inside the house,
i need some kind of mutual respect please
if you can't give me a little respect,
please kindly make your way to the exit
i don't force you to come.

i'm a normal human being
teach me how to be patient
coz i sometimes don't know how to be one
especially when somebody try to be a silent killer
it hurts.
i feel helpless

'Ingatlah hanya dengan mengingat Allah hati menjadi tenteram.' (surah ar-Rad 13:28)

kak mira..i miss you!


.sealed our 'mouth' for a better world.

sometimes things are better left unspoken
if we know that the thing has nothing to do with us
and the thing is not wrong at all.
perhaps it's just us who feel it wrong
first, because we are not interested with the thing
or second, because we are not interested with the doer.
we know we can make it right;
by ignoring the thing and go on with our life.
perhaps not easy.
but let's try it.
YOU and me.
together we give it a try.


Friday, February 11, 2011

.mari menjerit.

dalam bilik.
jatuh tertiarap secara jantan dari meja dan menjerit sekuat hati, 'adibah! tolonggg!!', adalah sangat tidak cool.

dalam bas.
matsalleh ensem masuk bas tp bawak anjing-besar-yg-tidak-pandai-duduk-diam. nerves. bukan sebab matsalleh. tp sebab anjing. ingin keluar dari bas tapi anjing buat hal. berundur ke belakang dan dgn nada separuh menjerit; 'i'm sorry but i'm afraid of dog!' matsalleh ensem terus memeluk erat2 anjing-besar-yg-tidak-pandai-duduk-diam. matsalleh ensem senyum.dia baik.sweet.ok.cukup.

menjerit dalam bilik adalah sangat tidak cool.

tapi menjerit dalam bas adalah amat tersangat tidak cool.=.=


Thursday, February 10, 2011

T for 'Tea' =.=

i just have a 'nice chat' with two lloyds bank operators.

the first operator takes 10 minutes of my time.

he speaks a strong British-Welsh accent. (sory dib, i said yorkshire-accent kan juz now.salah.huhu)

and for God's quite hard to understand

i keep on saying 'sorry', 'pardon', 'come again'

then, he passes the call to another department

fed-up with my 'pardon-sorry-comeagain' i guess.hihi

this time, the operator takes another 15 minutes of my time.


kol cigu maths pun tidak lama sampai cam tu ok.

from this calling-operator thingy,

i just realise how important the Police Letters Alphabet is

during primary school, my friends keep on repeating the 'aplha-beta-charlie-etc..' thing

and i was like 'apa ba kamu merepek nie.'

sekalinya now,

in your face rama!

operator: what is your middle name?

me: binti

operator: can you spell it for me?

me: b-i-n-t

operator: 'P' as in papa?

me: No.T for 'tea' (=.=)

operator: ??? did you mean T for tango??

see...'t' for 'tea'???? what da heck.

so, my new resolution for this month is.......

memorise the police letters alphabet.=.=

those of you who didn't give a damn about those alpha-beta thingy,

please don't do that.

click here and memorise/at least know about it please.

it's important! seriously.

see minute 2:28 to listen to the british-welsh accent. =)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


12.43 am
still awake

i'm being too emotional
blame "wuthering heights" for that
a movie that i watched for the sake of  *** "class & gender in 19th-century british literature"
i keep on thinking about catherine and heathcliff
who love each other
yet they don't have a happy ending
both of them marry somebody else
and live in agony
until the day they died
i hate it.
never have i thought it could bother me this much
for i think it happens in real life
but, God, please. don't let this happen in anyone's life.

--------->next thing

it's tiring to feel awkward
ppl say it'll get better in time
but how long shall we wait?
i'm not 'oh, kuat' to feel 'awkward'

***i'm taking this for my elective.can you believe that?? gila.punyalah sy lari dari literature.last2 terdapat jugak.
btw.wish me luck.


Monday, February 7, 2011

.badtime story.

sad, sad, sad,
there's nothing to be said.

day oh day
please change rapidly
20th is written on deary diary
oh my country
wait for me.

day oh day
please please...can we just neglect the tuesday?
and make everyday a saturday??

money money money
where are you my honey?
there are lots of things to buy
but for now...the perfect word is byebye.

people people in the world
hands up for those who loves to munch kerepek
coz may be you are just like me
a girl who's soo much in love with kerepek
and thus, love to merepek.


Sunday, February 6, 2011


there are open-ended questions,
close ended questions,
probing questions,
yes/no questions
ok...check mike's notes if you want the full list of questions.

we encounter lots of questions in our life;
be it in the when you wake up and say; 'eh, pukul 7.30 da???'
or at night...when you are about to sleep and a friend asks; 'baru pukul 11 ko mau tido suda?'
there are questions that do not need answers like when the cleaner asks; 'are you alright?'
and those that require a response as in 'what time is it?'
you might get annoyed with a question that sounds sarcastic; 'you can't stop talking, can you?'

we learn that...questions usually followed by ? it a must??
you decide.
this ? can change our intonation
try these:
'you need a break.' (suggesting)
'you need a break?' (seeking for clarification)
i dunno if you get what i'm trying to convey here.
it's just that...i think this ? will make a difference in a sentence.

questions are very important (sweeping statement.ehe)
coz without questions, there's no such thing like FORMSPRING.
am i right?
but...what i don't understand here,
why some people (or SOMEONE) ask questions like these:
are those a new style of asking questions?
do enlighten me.thank you.

p/s: my favourite question is:

i'm just kidding.


Friday, February 4, 2011

oh, crap!

how to prevent yourself from missing somebody?


close your eyes and sleep.

kinda cute. but you surely don't want to hurt yourself kan? make sure u sleep in a perfect position.And choose the right place plz. *pic from mr. google

btw, is homesick a contagious disease???
oh, crap!

nite plymouth.
morning msia.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

.proses penahanan muntah sambil tulis blog.

mau muntah baca nota panjangpanjang di skrin laptop
sampai tgk laptop pun macam mau muntah sampai pengsanpengsan.
bukan xmaw print out tapi
i need to read the notes before tomorrow
and base on my past experience,
it took me ages to print out stuffs
not because i dunno how to use the printer
but it's because i don't have the skills
and i have to admit that i loathe to do printing/ photocopying/ scannin.

these will show how bad my printing skill is:

ink tersebar di merata rata paper.but this kira ok lagi laa. still readable.

but this one???ya ampun.x mampu di selamatkan.
i have to rewrite the sentence coz i've 'missed' it.
print out the same page.=.=
upside down. huh!

kamu rasa adakaa kursus 'cara mem-print benda dengan selamat'?
kalo ada...sila rogerroger saya dengan segera.



.confession of a 'mamai' girl.

have you ever felt embarrassed for some stupid mistakes that you make??
i am now.
grammatical errors here and there.
even the simple one  like subject-verb agreement pun ble salah.
i hope you don't reject me to be your children's english teacher.


kesian terima kasih,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

.when the shoe doesn't fit.

"there were real prices and mom prices. real prices got you shiny sparkle things that lasted 3 weeks and mom prices got you brown things that lasted forever." -confession of a shopaholic-

it is true though.
when i was a little girl,
my mom used to buy me black/ brown boots and flats.
during our vacation
i had once being mocked by a group of little girls in a ferry
i still remember what they said;
'tgk kasut budak tu.macam lelaki.hahaa' *dehemmm
then they started to compare their shiny pinkish yellowish little high heels with my little black boots.
i was sad. i almost cried and blame my mother for that. my surprise,
the boots still 'alive'.
i couldn't wear it anymore for i am a big girl.

now, i AM a big girl.
and i would like to tell you what happen then:

It's winter. they've got sale everywhere.
i just adore this dorothy perkins high heels for it's only 3 pounds
it's like once in a lifetime,
but sadly, they only got size 7 and that is the only one left in the store.
i try so hard to believe that i can wear size 7
even in fact i wear 5.
i put it back on the rack,
and went home; frustrated.

It's spring.
I'm on a vacation; far from home.
and that's the first time i ever step my feet inside Prada.
the smell is good.
and my eyes catch this gorgeous heels
i try it on nervously (hey, it's prada for God sake!haruslaa nerves.)
and it fits me very very very well
i smile.
but when i see the price, the smile just disappeared.
i make my way out; disappointed but my heart full of hope.

it's summer.
i need something to wear for summer
i entered new look
and there it is....a gladiator flat shoes.
i can see sparkles the moment i enter the store.
i try it on
i'm too confident that it fits me very well
i just bring it to the counter and pay.
i didn't realize that actually it's quite big for my feet.
*even one of my male-friends can wear it! 
i wear it casually; regretful.

even finding a perfect shoes for your feet is not easy.
so what do you expect to happen in finding a partner for life?
it ain't easy for sure.
may be you admire someone
or you already have someone,
but he/ she is just like the dorothy perkins (DP) heels/ prada heels/ new look (NL) gladiator. (if you can see the hidden meaning)

i like the idea of prada,
'expensive'....i can't afford it.
but i know there's hope.
coz it fits me very well. (not like DP and NL)
i just need time and money to grab it.
but i don't want you to be the prada.

muka prada????this woman is trying sooo hard. =.=

i want you to be the 'mom prices' that will last forever.